Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book review- The perks of being a Wallflower

Charlie is a freshman.

And while he's not the biggest geek in the school, he is by no means popular. Shy, introspective, intelligent beyond his years yet socially awkward, he is a wallflower, caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it.

The perks of being a Wallflower is a funny but sad book. It is written from the main character Charlie's point of view in a collection of letters addressed to 'friend'.

This book shows the ups and downs of Charlie's slightly complicated life and makes Charlie's life seem like your second world. 

I really enjoyed this book because of the way the author used the words.  I'd give it a 4/5 and I'd recommend it to older readers because it does have quite mature themes in it.

By Lottie.

The terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket

Normal. Barnaby Brocket is a normal eight year old boy... sort of. Barnaby was born with one difference, he floats. His parents (who thinks he's a disaster) will do anything to make the family normal, which leads to the unthinkable. Barnaby's world turns upside down, literally. He tries to accomplish an exiting adventure which takes him from Brazil to New York, from Canada to Ireland. On the way he meets loving, caring friends who who understand his way of life.

I think this book will be enjoyed by eleven years an older, it's an"edge of you're seat book" that you can't put down.

9/10 "Awesome" Christopher.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Gardening Ideas

Hello, this is the plan that Jed, Lawson and Christopher have made for the garden outside Jenny's office please we would love to hear your thoughts about it we welcome your comments on this post.

Things you may need to know...

* There is a path which will be gravel from the concrete steps besides the kitchen that leads down to the bottom field steps and breaks
off to go the path besides Jenny's office beside the bank planting.

* We are putting in a outdoor working space beside the kitchen and boys toilet there will be three 1-3 metre high trees from some shade and it will be compacted gravel.

* We would like to take out the planter box and putting it with two others right up against Jenny's office, each class will take care of one planter box each.

* We are looking for places we can ask for grants and fundraising. If you have any  ideas please leave a comment or contact the school. 

* Help will be required on working bees. If you have any equipment or skill i.e digger or landscaping expertise that may help please contact school.   

Monday, August 11, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

Bigger Zoos.

Zoos should be bigger in animals natural environments with the animals pray and predators.

First, animals could live in their own environments. If animals could live in their own environments it would help them learn to hunt for food, because when they are kept in cages they can't learn to survive in the wild. Animals can also get the food they need to stay healthy so we find less sick animals. Animals need to live in their own environments not artificial habitats.

Second of all, if zoos were like this they would be cheaper to run therefore they would be less expensive to visit. People should not have to pay a fortune to stare at helpless animals who walk up and down concrete floors in agony day after day. Say "no," to expensive zoos.

Finally, animals would be safe from human danger and still have their freedom. People think animals are safe in zoos, they may be safe however have you taken the time to look at the pathetic sized cages we shove them in? Just think how you would feel if you were put in a cage less than half the size you needed. Some People call zoos "reliable, delightful, effective and sensational" I strongly disagree, animals need space to explore and be safe from human danger.

We need bigger zoos in animals natural environments with the animals pray and predators.

Zoos Are Good For Animals

Zoos are good for animals

Zoos are good for learning and supporting education. they well help in the future when people don't have the knowledge about animals or there habitats.

 Zoos are good for sick and endangered species as well some zoos Have breeding programmes witch rules out the risk of extinction for that spices zoos help the injured animals and fix them up. 

Zoos are good for animals if well treated,looked after and feed yes some zoos are cruel to animals but it depends on the zoo and its staff the zoos should be shut down if animals are not treated appropriately. 

 Zoos are good for seeing animals that you would not see in the Wild and that are to dangers to see I have experience in zoos because I work at an animal farm and i know that some zoos and people treat animals terribly.

I think the purpose of zoos should be to help and care for animals and release them once they are good and healthy.

 so would you like to live in a world with out animals ?


emotive language

3 paragraphs

 rhetorical question



bigger zoos

Animals should not have to suffer for the liking of humans. These habitats should be at least the size of two rugby fields  so animals could have the freedom they need including proper food, water and environment  which would mean they could live the way that they want.

Secondly, animals could hunt for their own food, look for their own mate, keep fit, wouldn't get bored, live a short, happy life instead of a long, lonely, boring life with the zoo keepers controlling every move that they do.

Third these enclosures would be far away from human pollution or destruction like huge factories, city smog, wrong climate and poachers. this way animals would be away from human abuse but we could go and see the animals.

Forth the cost, most zoos are always needing more money for more artificial rocks, plants, water holes,  shelters etc. This way habitats would already include NATURAL rocks, plants, water holes, and animals could sleep were they want. Which would mean zoos wouldn't  need as much money so people wouldn't have to pay as much to go and see the animals.

Fifth most animals live in groups of  their own kind like lions ,orangutans, elephants,buffalo etc.
In zoos animals are put in cages with only one of them in there causing the animal to feel home sick lonely  feverish and disrespected.

Would you like to be in a tiny cage  with know where to go but the feeding room?
This is why I highly disagree with the zoos now-a-days.


We should have animal sanctuaries not zoos.
Firstly zoos spend a lot of money to import exotic species. I did some research and I found out that a Giant Panda costs $1,000,000 to rent as a zoo animal a year. Also if zoos are renting a Giant Panda they have to pay up to $2,000,000 to the Chinese government for research projects.

Zoos can also have tigh,t disgusting enclosures that in some cases could kill the animals they were keeping. Unlike zoos, sanctuaries have larger enclosures, therefore making the animals feel more comfortable. The enclosures might also help with the animals health and well being because they would have enough room to happily explore around.Would you like to live in a damp, dark cage?

Lastly, animal sanctuaries would create jobs for the former zoo keepers so they can still look after animals. Sanctuaries would also have jobs for the not fully qualified zoo keepers to study. Sanctuaries would educate students who are interested in animals.

                                                        Giant Panda

Zoos are they good?

 Should animals be kept in zoos
Animals should not be kept in zoos because...
If we let them back into the wiled they would not survive. The animals are to tame although it dosent look like it. They have feeding times, because of that it becomes a habit that they come to a door or gate, and don't know how to hunt any more. Some people think that it takes more then 30 times to change a habit. Think how meany times it would take to get rid of all there habits and teach them how to hunt again

Some animals like to chase there food not have there food given to them. In the wiled  the animals chase there Food or prey, it becomes part of there life and daly routine. If you feed them they may not like being feed. 

Would you like to be kept in a small area. Considering there natural habitat the enclosure is small but we don't always knowlage it. Have you seen the lion enclosure at Auckland zoo? It's a small island surrounded with water, because of the water the  enclosure seems big but lions dont swim, a few trees grass and three other lions are all they have for entertainment. So ether raze the money or down size the zoos. 

You know in cartoons animals are happy almost all the time. In reality even though we may not see it animals are board I once said to my sister if your life's a bore you haven't accomplished anything animals knee fun in there life same as we do, 

Although we learn about animals we don't learn much about how they get home,well some don't! How would you fell if your child,father,sister,brother or mother got taken away from you and you never saw them again. Here's a better idea why don't we take their hole family not just them.

So my point is have sanctuaries instead!!! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zoos Are Bad!

The Zoos are not helping the animals learn, why do we have them?

The magic of zoos is dying, and people are forgetting the animals are the most important things there. strongly suggest that the zoos are harmful to the animals. I would truly introduce the idea to abolish them.

The cages are horrible, would you like to be kept in your back yard with little shelter but a shed and maybe a tree? We may as well go to Africa to see the animals happy, it would cost the same amount. 

Never the less, the animals are in agony. The humans feed them and even if they were put back in the wild, they would still rely someone to bring them food. It would also disqualify the instinct to fight off predators and to attack prey.
Next time you go to a zoo, ask your self, are the animals happy? How would you feel to be taken         away from your family?                                                                                                                           

Why I think zoos are bad

I think that zoos are harsh and horrible.

Firstly, animals have feelings just like us, so why do we treat them differently?  How do we treat them harshly? We lock them in cages, and we take them away from there family. My question is, why do we do this?  The only reason why animals turn on us and hurt us, is because we hurt them and they are just fighting back, and I don't blame them. Animals are just like us, so treat them nicely.

Secondly, animals have no space to do much in, its shameful really and cruel to the animals. Most zoo keepers are careless and have barely any feeling for the animals. It's tragic really yet we go and laugh at them, but in reality the animals are suffering. Is this really how we want to spend our lives, watching helpless animals?

Thirdly, it rids of natural animal instincts, meaning that they can not hunt, bathe or possibly survive, if let free in the wild. People don't think that much about it but this is one, of the reasons species are dying off, and the reason why we are getting more hunters around these areas. Animals need instincts to survive just like we need food and water.

Finally,  I have a question for you. How would you like it if you were locked  in a cage till death? Not so great is it This is what zoo animals do and its harsh.  If you really think about it, zoos are just jails for animals that didn't do anything, other animals are just confused cell mates. Well there where ways that we could have prevented this from happening but we chose none! hopefully you can see what I'm on about.

That is why I think zoos are harsh and wicked.

Animals deserve to be free

Zoos are really more a people thing than an animal thing. People love going to zoos but do think animals like living there?

Animals should not be kept in cages!
They were born to be wild so why don't we let them. People have plucked them from their homes and their freedom to live in cages. How would you like it if you were locked in a cage being stared at pointed at and laughed at all day.

Animals should be able to express normal animal behavior. They should be able to choose their meals and their mates. We have made them tame so if we were to return them to the wild they wouldn't survive. Because they can't hunt and they don't know how behave in certain situations such as when they need to fight off a predator.

It cost's a lot to keep the animals happy, healthy and clean. If the animals were in the wild we wouldn't have to worry about that. We could use the money to build a safari park where animals can roam wild and free but people can still visit them and get close to them.

Animals deserve to stay wild and free so why don't we let them? 

Zoos are great

I think that zoos are a good thing.
The zoo is a popular place to inspire everyday people there also great for educating young adults.
The animals are basically in there natural habitat.

When food time comes zoo keepers tie food to the trees to make the animal feel as if there hunting down there food as if they were in the wild. After a generous feed the animals slowly fall asleep in there trustworthy enclosure for a good night sleep.

Most zoos breed and help endangered animals which highly effects there extinction.
The health of the animals are one of the zoo keepers top priorities.

Zoos Are Good

Zoo's are a good place

We should have zoo's because they are safe from danger, like being made into hats,gloves and rugs. They are also safe because they don't get eaten and they are also safe from the pet trade.

If animals were in zoo's they will get taken care of well,if an animal is sick, the zoo will take care of it,they also would get the right medical care that they need, and a lot of rest so that when they are better they can be put back into the wild to bread and be free again.

 Zoo's also let kids know about certain animals.This is good for rare animals because people can help them kids can also form groups to help give tremendous care of them to prevent animals from dieing .

People also need to know what animals can take care of you with some body parts, and to know what animals can kill you or badly hurt you.

people also take home info on animals that they do not know about.

please agree with me on this post

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

zoo enclosure should be bigger

Zoo enclosure should be bigger so animals can room more.
It will be better for the animals cause it will be more like they natural habitat.
And they can be more spread if they don't like being together.

 If zoo enclosure where bigger guest can see more animals and plants in one.
Also if everything was bigger it will be more spaced out so zookeepers can get in easier.

Zoos help by learning how animals act by doing so they save they from extinction.
but some animals in zoos are sad because they are lonely cause there enclosure are not
big enough for two or more.

That is why I think enclosure should be bigger.

ZOOS ARE CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!

Zoos are cruel.

Firstly, I think animals should be kept away from pointing fingers and prying eyes. Agitated and annoyed, those animals are helpless. They walk, up and down, up and down. Day after day, night after night, looking for what they crave for most, their food and family. And you, you just stare and point.

Secondly, animals need to be able to look after themselves, finding and killing their own food. Meanwhile animals are being fed meat on a plate and fruit in a bowl. Its awful and repulsive. How would you feel if you were fed the same food, each day?

Lastly, animals deserve to be free. Going where they want to go. Running across plains or climbing trees. Living a happy life. Staring into the sky, watching, listening, for the call of their herds, friends and mates. Why don’t we put you in a cage, never seeing your friends and family? You inconsiderate people never think about these poor animals.

This is why I think zoos a cruel and wrong.




Zoos help to teach people about animals.

Zoos have saved lots of species of animals by finding them in the wild and bringing them to the zoo. At the zoo they can protect them from other animals and people. The zoo can give them first aid, fresh water
and food every day.

Zoos help endangered animals and prevent them from being extinct because they have breeding programs. Breeding programs will help endangered species to keep there kind. They help them breed more animals.

People would see the endangered animals before they get extinct and they would learn more about them and ways to help save them. People make charities to raise money for the animals. Most of the money goes to helping the animals.

Zoos have helped for many years to teach people about animals and how to protect them and save them in the wild.

Zoos Are Needed!

Zoos have helped people and animals in many ways. Although it is “cruel” to the animals, I think zoos are necessary.

Firstly, zoos can get endangered animals into breeding programs and help them reproduce and breed. Some zoos have a breeding program and can save endangered animals from extinction. Here are some that we've saved; orangutans, polar bears, pandas, white tigers, kiwis, narwhale and so many others. By putting the animals into the breeding program the animals can breed in peace and security and predators cannot get them.

Secondly, they should be kept because since the time when zoos were cruel, tiny and so unlike their old homes, zoos have got much better and are more like there wild habitat. So if you think animals should not be kept in zoos because of how small the enclosures are, your reason is weak.

Finally, zoos help people to learn about the different animals including how, when and where they hunt, breed and sleep. They have learned all about where the great white sharks migrate from south Africa to Australia. How butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico. How jelly fish migrate from one side of a tropical lake to the other. All of this is done, helped by or supported by zoos.

Would you like to live in a world without many animals? Well the knowledge gained and the animals saved by zoos is extraordinary, I think zoos should be kept.


Animals should not be kept in zoos.

Zoos should be banned because animals there are kept in small cagesSome animals like Lions, Tigers and Bears have tiny habitats so they can't exercise properly or hunt. Polar bears for instance, have been taken out of the cold and put into a different climate which might be hotter. If zoos are going to be kept we NEED bigger habitats. How would you like to be kept in your room for your whole life?

Secondly animals can't hunt for their own food. Even though keepers hide food and stick it in balls it isn't the same as hunting. Baby animals born in Zoos won't know how to hunt so they can't be released back into the wild. Even though some animals don't get much food in the wild, we need to make them hunt for food in Zoos.

Breeding programs are great, but why do they need to be in zoos? Most Zoos have breeding programs for endangered animals but they don't have to be in a zoo and can be in a sanctuary. Zoos are cramped and small and have animals that shouldn't be kept in the same place are few meters away from each other. That's why sanctuary's are great because they have freedom but are kept safe from predators and poachers.

We DON'T need zoos; they are just for entertaining us and we can live without them.


Zoos only exist for the amusement of people. They are inhumane places that are not suitable for animals. How would you like it to be taken away from your family and locked away with only prying eyes company?

Its not fair to have zoos because we have already taken so much for them like habitats and food, but now we are taking away their family as well. Everybody knows about wars and how people were sold unwillingly and made live in terrible conditions? Well this is no different, cages are not a place for animals.

You hear of kidnapping and you feel for the victim and dislike the kidnapper. You wonder how they could do that, what were thinking? To take away a mother, child, someones sister or brother you feel sympathy for their family. This is no different we take defenceless animals away from their natural home it isn't fair.

People claim they are helping animals by taking them into zoos but most animals never get out the zoo again. If you want to help animals you should come to them instead of bringing them to us. Imagine calling 111 with a broken leg and being told you had to get yourself to the hospital. Its pathetic...

There is no benefit for animals in zoos so we should invest in sanctuaries and safaris instead. If your not a poo don't go to the zoo.

by Lottie and Saffy

ZOOS should we have them? My opinion

Zoos exist to provide entertainment for people and to make money. The health and happiness of the animals always come second.
Why is this ,can't zoos be there for the animals to have a safe and happy environment.
Can't we put animals needs before ours and leave them or just take care 
Animals in zoos dream of home then wake up in a smelly zoo enclosure captive and missing.

Although zoos educate they don't help animals in more than one way.
keeping an injured animal in a enclosed space with humans is not good. Think about
this ,In the wild, tigers live 15 to 20 years In captivity, they live as long as 22years. Thats only a 2 year difference.  Baboons on the other hand live for 40 years captive 36 wild . That Enough time to grow up and find a mate to populate the next generation.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
 Sitting,laughing and pointing at helpless animals with only you for entertainment .
Walking back and forth is their life sentence not luxury and care.
Living in a harsh cold or to boiling hot climate completely different from their natural habitat how would you like it murky water out of date food? Think about the animals not the humans! 


Zoo exhibits should be bigger.

My first reason is animals can roam more in bigger exhibits.  There have been too many incidents of tame animals living depressed boring lives. How would you like being cooped up in a little cage?

Another reason is if the exhibits were bigger, animals would be able to hide, so they wouldn't be  in limelight all the time. How would you like it if everyone was steering at you 7 days week 365 days year?

My last reason is, if zoo exhibits were bigger, zoos could put more animals in the exhibits. So more guests would come, which then means more money for the zoo so they can buy exotic species of animals for people to enjoy. 

So zoo exhibit should be bigger. What do you think?

Monday, June 16, 2014


Although he was scared of everyone, Nugget was the friendliest character within the area. With eyes pure and green, and long, black, silk-like fur, he made the best pet. He was 12 which was remarkable for his type, he looked like a half-grown kitten. His comforting purr and loyal miaow of greeting is a soft sound that no-one would ever dream of hearing.

His tail was a long brushlike curl that never drooped. His whiskers made him look like a big friendly night creature. He had big gentle paws, with his silky black fur covering them like a velvet carpet. His claws were sharp hooks that dug into your skin, but he didn't use them much - not unless you annoyed him. His ears were pricked and pointy with silky patches of fur underneath them.But despite his friendliness if a stranger entered his territory he would slip away without a warning like a shadow in the dark.


Although you can usually find her reading a book, she enjoys walking and biking. Her pale blue eyes are covered with silver glasses. Soft grey hair sits on her head. She walks quickly with speed and pace. The smile on her face is always welcoming. Usually her top is red but sometimes it's blue. I love my Gran.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Master Chef Contestant Takes Movie 'Frozen' to a whole New Level

Master Chef Contestant Mo-Mo Stachio was crowned winner after two of the other contestants mysteriously disappeared.

Mo-Mo and his egg beater.
The search started at the hotel the finalists were staying at. But clues lead to the Master Chef kitchen and the bodies were later found in the freezer. Forensic scientists have found evidence leading to Mo-Mo Stachio's egg beater, which was found at the crime scene dripping with what was later confirmed as Indigo Angel's blood.

The bodies found in the freezer.
The two contestants Indigo Angel (17) and Lemur Shell (21) went missing at 3.27pm yesterday.
The bodies were found at 1.39pm today.

Mo-Mo Stachio is still in police custody and awaiting his trail in court. So we can safely say the only cooking Mo-Mo will be doing is in the prison kitchen.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Charater Description

Although her posture seemed like she didn't have a care in the world, she was fighting a battle. Her skin was slightly tanned and worn out, she had short brown hair that was bouncy. 

The clothes that she wore were almost always baggy jeans and t-shirts, it seemed like she couldn't  find any clothes that fit her properly.  
Her eyes seemed perfect for her, she never liked them at all and wished she could change their colour.

Although she is not with us any more, she was the best.

My Grandad

My grandad tries to cover up his bald patches by combing his hair over them. His shirts are checkered and old. Although he limps, his pace is slow and steady. He always helps around the farm by spraying the weeds,feeding the animals and mowing the lawns and paddocks. I love him!!


My Nana likes wearing pants up to her belly button and flowery tops with a black cardigan over top. Rock n roll dancing is what she loves to do. Although she is old and and some times cranky she still enjoys making her grand children happy.

By Tiarne

Sapphira's Blog

Hi guys,
I have made a blog, with posts of my writing. Could you please check it out and leave some feed back? :)Here the URL:
Sapphira :D


Her posture is straight but her eyes shine with kindness. She is tall with tan sun bet  skin. And although her scars have sunken and  smile line crease her skin, she still gives off a youthful beauty.
Just by looking at her hands you can tell she's a builder. They are strong with tough skin, and constantly covered in cuts and bruises. She smells of warm wood, and is often covered in wood shavings. The overalls she wears are stained and baggy, hiding her figure.
Even dressed up, she had a tomboy style. I don't know many who wear dresses with boot leg jeans.Hair stuffily clipped back in her Signature updo. Her eyes give of her true self, that's hiding within her.

She is beautiful.

By Sapphira

Jono's Grandfather.

Although he walks quite slowly he does it purposefully and proudly. His short, grey hair stands out as a main feature on his head. Most of the time he’s having fun but he can be deadly serious. With the way he talks and the way he acts, you know he loves being outside playing golf. Even when you go to sit with him he only talks about rugby or golf.

His skin is weather-beaten and wrinkly and looks like he had been in a car wash over-and-over again. The
green top he usually wears is old and rough, and is so worn, it looks and feels like old Velcro.

His eyes have a deep, intense stare, his pupil is dilated to the size of a drop of water and his irises are a deep dark blue.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great grandad jack

Although he is full of wisdom 
his mind works hard to think.
He is wearing a neat black suit 
though you can tell it's not his usual self.
His hair is combed back smoothly but the bald patches still show.
Although his eyes look a sun-bleached-blue
they still have that powerful gaze.
The wrinkles that cover his weather beaten face deepen when he laughs his gruff laugh. 
Though his hands are tough and leathery they have a soft and feathery feel.
His polished walking stick is always by him when ever we see him, supporting his weight where ever he goes.
His stories take you far away on adventures that are real.
I love my great grandad and I always will.

Sonya (my mum)

Her hair is long silky and red.She has a big freckly face and a cheesy smile.She likes to wear green,purple and blue.Her hobby is to dress nice when we go into town.She has dark brown, soft and  smooth skin.When she walks she has tall and slim legs.although she likes to wear blue, purples and green,sometimes she doesn't wear any at all.when she talks,she talks soft and calmly.She likes to help and fix people.(she works for st.johns and Heath care New Zealand.).

My Grandma

My Grandma
Although she looks old she had a young heart
Dark hair soft and nimble
You could see a story in her
You could see she had a good life 
Her body was old but soft 


Although she hobbles around she still walks along the beach in the sun.
Her skin is spotted from being out in the sun for ages with the horses and
on the orchard.
She has tired hands from when she picked apples, 10 or more hours a day.
Even though she is 81 she still has lots of life left in her and attends to her
garden every day.

By Lawson.

Orion's Grandma

She is like a volleyball. She's soft hearted and warm. Although she look's unable she's out and about all the time. Her face is like tidal waves falling to the floor. Her hair is like a silver fire. Her eyelashes are see through and her eyes are blue.
I love my grandma. 

By Orion

My Poppa

Although he is old, he carries a young heart.
His wrinkled feet slip into home made slippers
His hairless head shines like the honda he drives daily.
Although he old, he keeps an active life.

My Brother

Silky brown hair looms across his slick face. His glasses cover his eyes with shiny mirrors. The shirts that he wears are not old but vintage with black jeans and shoes. Although we don't see each other very much we still are great brothers. 
My brother is quite tall and not fat but not skinny. A smile burns happily from his face as if he's told someone a joke and they have liked it. I know he used to joke and make fun of me but he was and still is a great brother.

My Grandma

Although she walks slowly her steps are strong. She looks small and fragile but is like a leafcutter ant. Short whispy black and grey hairs sprout from her head. Creases and wrinkles cover her face like a piece of crumpled paper. She has a strong Chinese accent when she speaks. Her house is small and cosy, it smells like a musty Asian food store. Although she is strict she has a kind and loving heart.

By Lucy

My Gramp

Although his skin is old and weathered he still feeds the cows in the morning. 

His tanned bald head shines in the hot sun.

His ripped blue overalls cover his tall, fragile, body.

Even though his abnormally pointy toenail lurks under his boot he still goes on his morning walks. 


Her skin is tanned from a life outdoors and her green eyes are full of kindness. Blonde curly hair springs from her scalp like spaghetti. Ripped blue jeans cling to her legs like a monkey to a tree, although she is tall and skinny she is strong and powerful. Her feet are covered by muddy worn working boots, clearly loved. When she walks her arms swing by her sides and her steps are long and springy.

Meg's Nana

Although she is old, her grip is strong and protective. Her smile is cheery, not forced like Mum's. She wears a lot of gold jewellery: Earrings, bracelets, and watch. Nana is a very cheerful woman, and she is always talking. She likes to take walks, visit grand children and swimming. She lives in Australia.

By Meg 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Thursday 5th June
Writing about Marv

I always notice his big, gold belt buckle tightened around his jeans. He is very tall. he has brown, olive coloured skin. the top of his head is bald but he covers it with a cap. He takes his cap off when he is happy.

He cracks some funny 'Kiwi' jokes but we don't think they're funny, at least he tries!
Although his house is grand and big, his truck is old and dusty. He always keeps a loaded gun in his truck, "that's the way we do it around here!" he says.

Although he looks old, he is cheery and fun to be around, he makes me smile every time I see him.

To me, he is part of my family.
Some of you probably don't know who Marv is so I will tell you, He is my dad's boss in America and we are very close with him and his wife and his family and we love them very much even though we are not related to them.



Although he looks old and proper, he used to be a hippy,

With glasses that are clear, like pools of water,

His checkered shirt and blue jeans are usually a bit greasy, from a life spent fixing and building things.

Poppas hair is white and fluffy, like an albinos hedge-hogs tummy.

By Pip Coakley

My Cousin

Long brown hair flows down her back like waves to a beach.
Although she wears a blue dress her favourite colour is orange.
Alethea goes nowhere without her decorative black sandals.
Her cheesy smile blends well with her pale pink cheeks.
Creamy brown her eyes twinkle like stars in the sky.
She towers above me and has a elegant walk like a super model.
Although she looks weak she's as strong as any boy her age.

By Athena 



 although he is nearly 8000000 he still works on the farm.
his head is Nealy bald but his big beard makes up for it
The patchy Boots and the holey pants he wears show that he loves the outdoors

even though his skin is old and wrinkly and he is nearly
deaf he does not act old

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Founders World war 1

On Friday 11 of April 2014
kereru and kotuku of Mahana school (room 2 -3) Went to Founders
park to have a world war 1 experience.
 Ready and left right left right left right leefff.
The captain was marching us towards the trenches.
He opens a door and we walk in...
"This is obviously a old castle been taken over by Germans.  
I look around the sound was deafening bombs landing  planes crashing Gas hissing.
Kyla shivers as we walk into the German HQ.
It was lit by just one cracked light.
A German flag hung up behind a desk with an attack plan on it.
The desk was old and about to break, a soldier  stood over it scanning the plan.
"OUT WE GO" called the captain 
we walk down a hall and stop the captain was going to say something
   then whissssssss GAS GAAASS. Red gas spilled out from a wall we duck down that's no good 
then we stand up and the gas sinks to the floor.

time to go to the Anzac trenches we pass through a tunnel and into the Anzac trenches
immediately we see a ANZAC by a table thingy with a bottle on it.
G'day  soldiers welcome to the ANZAC HQ here we take care for the plans
Attack plans defense plans Strategy plans lots of plans.

Then a man walked in and gave another man battle and a cookie 
 he brung the bottle to his lips and then looked into it "where's the water "
"sorry sir I just got message were out " "darn"
well you better get moving we walk out.

A German tank crashes through the wall AHHHHHH!!! soldiers run.
We stampede towards the first aid  facilite a man was lying on a table shaking,blood spilling 
out of his arm.The doctor grabbed some tweezers and pulled  out a bullet I covered my eyes
Yuk!!!! Doc opens the door and we gladly walk out sun shine!!!!

A Nurse comes and collects us and takes us to a small building 
here we will talk about the plan and how much it failed we talked for a while and then left 
to have lunch.
I love our trip to founders it was the best

founders park-world war 1.

On the 11/04/14 Kereru and Kotuku went on a trip to founders park.first Kotuku went on a walk to the center of New Zealand  while Kereru got split into 2 groups ,one group went into the trenches and one group went with a lady and learnt more about world war 1.then we swapped.I went to the trenches first.when i entered it was pitch black,and I'm scared of the dark so i was freaked, out i was so scared I held my friends hand for the whole time!!!The the defining noise and the dark was horrible...But the rest was fantastic!!!!!.[I was relieved when we got to get out!!!!!]. After we went with the lady we went to ANZAC park!!!we all had fun but it was raining when we got there!!!.
My legs feel like nothingness
Bullets whistle past my ears
Bodies  drop like falling trees
But death is lurking round the corner waiting for her prey
 Now I start to tumble tumble to my doom tumble to a blackness

The turns a misty grey
so I pinch myself a million times just to turn my arm bright red
 I look around to find myself in a dark and doefull hole
I am not here I don't want to be but the pain is unbearable
 so I sit and stay awhile my leg looks like jelly meat though the booming and crying has started to crumble and the silence sounds like tinkling bells

 But the ever lasting question echoes deep inside:what was I thinking,what will I do,when will this finish, and who are you

The sadness of war

The bombs go boom
And that's the sound of my doom
My friends die
Now they limply lie
It is so bad
And so so sad
I can't hold on another bend
When will this adventure end?

Bombs try to kill, BOOM BOOM!
For my friends and I, that's the sound of doom
The sound ,akes them die
But there is no time to cry
There goes another friend
When will this adventure end?
By Pip

Song of War

The song echoes in my head:
'Stranger I've known you for so long.'
Who is this stranger that was once so foreign? Who is now a part of me.
'I found you lost with your compass in the fog.'
I am still lost, lost with no compass, no sense of what's right. My innocence evaporated when I met this  stranger with a gun. This fog brings no comfort, it brings no peace or quiet. This fog burns and brings the sound and stench of death.
'Stranger you know me too much.'
Even though I don't even know me any more.
'Illusionary self had not been touched.'
The lines that were once so clear, have blurred beyond recognition. Tell me what part of me has become an illusion.
'Until you'
This is me, broken and worn, war ridden and hopelessly lost. The old me is buried so deep, will he ever resurface ?

By Sapphira

This poem has the lines:
Stranger I've known you for so long
I found you lost with your compass in the fog
Stranger you know me to much
Illusionary self had not been touched
Until you
These lines are from the song stranger by Katie Collesto I recommend you Check out her song :D .


"Call out call loud "
"I'm down help me." I'm not going to die, not now, my days will not end here on this endless battle.Why does the pain kill my legs? I'm trapped  in endless pain,trapped alone.A cut forms on my face a cut from hell, will I succeed or will I go home to a grave like all the tens of thousands of men's bodies? Iwill fight to the grimmest day,the painful lest, the dead man day,
                                                                    WHY AM I HERE?

The Dread Of War

Every time I close my eyes I see them, my family, I have to make it. 
its all down to us solders. 'Time to get out on the field men,' we trudge warily through red stained mud, I spot my mate and shoot him a frustrated look we laugh. Gas? "gas quick men get your masks on," the dreaded masks are  stuffy and horrible. just over the hill are flocks. Oh how i desire to be back on the family farm with no worry about war. A built roars in my ear bringing me out out of my daze. The big question.

by Saskia

The Great War

The stench of decaying soilders lie before me in the grave of a hole. I see our trench it almost looks peaceful like I'm the only one in the world. An automatic killing machine breaks the horrible silence I duck as the bullets fly over my head. The killing machines plowing down the scared, panicking men left, right and center. My body clinches up I beg to myself not look up should I get court  or should I just run.  the mud seeps through my clothes as the sun falls from the sky as death catches up.  


Blue sky's - Black and smoggy
The smell of flowers - The smell of death
Children playing and laughing - corpses lying in the mud 
Green pastures and brightly colored buildings - Fire and destruction
        Birds flying trees swaying - Rats scuttling and destroying   
Warm and comfy beds - Cold wet and no sleep
Clean fresh air - Gas and choking


Anzac Writing Competition

The bullets gain speed as they shoot towards my chest. Dropping onto my knees, I whine and groan and fall into a small shell hole, I know the battle is still on so I stay still showing no sign of motion or noise but I can't help it, "I NEED HELP!" I shout but it is useless, I don't go, I stay, I look down at the blood oozing from my wounds.

If I go, I will get shot again. If I stay, I will suffer.
I imagine my friends, still out there, dropping like bowling pins, I still hear gun shots ringing in my ears, I gag smelling my blood mixing with the thick, brown mud underneath me. I feel as white as a ghost, I can't go on....

Will I die?

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Vince Ford

 The car gradually picked up momentum. It left the drive and rolled down the grassy slope, picking up speed as it headed for the river at the bottom. "Awwww no," I groaned, but I hadn't seen the incinerator.

2MUCH4U is a fun and quirky story about Davin who is a normal boy who made a couple of (very stupid) mistakes and is trying to make them right. This book includes wild dogs, frisky stallions and a WHOLE  load of trouble.

Vince Ford is a fantastic writer and he really understands kids literature, he is a kiwi writer and shows it in his writing. He has written other books such as Jonty and Choc, Tribal Ash and Dog on Trial.

We would recommend it to 10 year olds up (this book contains some naughty words.) We rated this  book 4 out of 5 stars.
Overall its a fabulous funny book.
By Lottie, Lucy, Sapphira

Collaborative Art

Last week Mrs Denley came in to Kotuku to do some collaborative art with us. We were divided into 3 groups. Then we were each given a long piece of cardboard and a thin strip of paper that had been cut from a beautiful local photograph. Our task was to resize our little piece of the artwork onto the card, which would then be combined with the 'strips' of other kids in our group. We were able to use any medium we liked. We had no clue what the finished product was meant to look like. Here are some photos of the work in progress.

Finished products will be coming soon. Watch this space...

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Lego Car.

Today for discovery I made a car with tones of gears. It's front 
wheels turn a gear on the axle that turns a tiny gear that turns 
another gear that turns another gear that turns another gear that turns the wheel on the axle. The two back wheels turn another gear that turns another gear then just stops (I added it in for fun with spare gears.). If you want to see a video of the car just copy 


 and paste it in the google bar. Hope you like my discovery!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Star Horse Recipes

Hi, I have made a blog called Five Star Horse Recipes.
You can find it here.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Skiing in France

Breakfast was croissants. Not cheap, tasteless supermarket croissants. Rich, buttery, hot croissants. Homemade and fresh from the oven. Gee, those croissants were good. The taste stayed in my mouth for ages, even  after I had struggled with my huge ski boots and put my layers of clothes on, it was only when we walked to the bus stop the taste slowly left my mouth.

The bus ride takes you down a winding road and past trees, weighed down with snow. It looks like something out of a Christmas card. But my favourite part of the bust ride is when it passes a lake, but you have to look really hard to see the outline because its frozen over. There are little holes in the water and I can almost feel the freezing water lapping at my feet.

But before you know it I am lugging my heavy skis of the bus. The hardest bit is the steps. Before you board the gondola you need to heave your skis up the steps. It sounds really easy, but when you have ski boots that feel like they weigh a ton the last thing you want to do do is carry two heavy, unpredictable skis up twenty five steps (yes, I counted).

But the gondola ride is worth it, I step into the carriage and brace myself because it zooms out the docking station like an arrow. I press my nose to the window and let the frosty feeling seep into my face.

The gondola swings into the docking stations. We are at the top of the mountain. I lug my heavy skis to the top of the slope and strap them on. I push of and I fly down the mountain side. I brace, glide, plough, crouch, zigzag, everything and when I fall over I hold my cheek to the snow instead of getting up because I want to remember every single thing.

Playing hard. My first tournament

"Sijak (she-jack) begin!" The referee lifts his hand & backs out of the ring. The fight begins & I really go for it. I watch my opponent carefully, my eyes trained on her face as I slyly analyse the movements of her feet through the corner of my eye. Where she goes I go. I kick, block, lunge, step, counter, close her off, everything. I do every thing I can think of despite the pain. I stumble and miss but that only adds fuel to the fire, as anger drives me on. "Charyot ( char-ee-ot ) break!" And the fight  is over. As I leave the ring I feel proud because I didn't miss out on anything.

By Sapphira

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sprinting down the court eyes fixated on the ball.
I leap for the ball I run,sprint,leap,grab I do every thing I can  
because I don't want to miss out on a thing.
I love it.

i play hard

I really like rugby even if it's so hot but it's best when it's raining cos it keeps me nice and cold and you can slid on the mud.I can kick,run,pass and tackle I like rugby it's really grate.

The Dance Competition

I know my hair looks good because i can feel it being yanked out. I put on my costume and instantly the sequins start to itch. I go back stage and start to warm up, it's nerve-wracking. I hate the wait before going on stage, but I push my nerves aside and concentrate.

My name is called out and I move to the side of the stage. It's almost my go, I get ready to walk on. The person before me finishes, they looked great. The adjudicators bell ring and I confidently walk on. My music starts and I really go for it. I leap, gallop, pirouette, cart wheel, as I do my dance. The music stops and I do my finishing pose a stride off stage. I'm puffing and I feel GREAT!

playing hockey 2012

We drive to hockey on a Tuesday in the summer.I head onto the field and start the game.I run, hit, tackle, score, everything.I feel puffed but I still enjoy it,its great.It was a really crazy game,you should have seen it.

Then we play another game and it was a great game as well.Now it was all done,so me and my team mates went off the field and got a drink of water.Then we drive home all hot and sweaty.But I love it best when I get  player of the day in our team.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Playing Hard

Saturday morning. I jump out of the car my soccer boots click on the asphalt. I stand on the sideline with the team waiting for the game to start. WWWWOOOOOOO!! The hooter echos across the field, I jog into a good position the ball rolls faster and faster. I sprint, tackle, jump, shoot, everything. Soccer is great fun!

Try play hard

I want to get on the field I really do but it's not open yet,then I see it a person on the field I grab my helmet and ski boots and snatch my skis and make a run for it.

I slide,slosh,stop,turn and wave. Everything I know to perfect my performance . Our teacher catches up with us and we stop for a brake us girls for a brake at the cafe.

We zoom into the stop point and slosh the people sitting out side with snow.

Haha we laugh at the walking talking snowmen.
At the end of the day were always covered in snow from all the crashing sliding and playing .

The sweet taste of mince filled my mouth  the pastry head in in to explore a cave this is what a day of hard work gives me a delicious 
Treat yum!

Playing Hard

I pull my helmet on and push of down the hill.
Bump, bump, bump over the roots and up a hill, it feels like I'm going up a mountain, maybe that's
Were it got its name?? Curiosity floats and wafts through my mind as I try and concentrate on the track in front of me.
Suddenly a switchback appears in the on-coming track, I slowly put my breaks on as I turn the corner. I make sure I go as far out as I can so I don't fall off. 

More switchbacks appear, I ride all of them, it is great.

A big hill rises in front of my eyes, I lower my gear to 1, I stand up on my pedals, I push and I push, I really try hard and before I know it I'm at the top "Peice of cake!" I say.

Once I get back onto the flat I pull over and get my drink bottle out of its holder and I take a giant gulp.
I ride up the next hill and I push even harder than before. When I get to the end of the trail I ride the Pump track several times then I help load my bike onto the bike rack, I finish of the day with an ice cream and then I go home-IT WAS GREAT!

Biking To School.

Even when it's cold and foggy I love biking to school with my dad 
and sister. By the time I finish the first stretch I'm really puffing and 
I can tell my face is about the colour of the apples on the trees near by, but I keep on going. It's great. I can't wait till I reach the hill and  I get stuck into it. It's pretty big so I really tread hard. I go for it, I really go for it. The top is my reward when I go zooming down the other side. It's the type of hill you yell on and I usually do. Where ever the road goes, I go. I pedal, yell, brake, change gear, everything, because I don't want to miss out on anything. It's great!

playing hard

Even when its wet and soggy I still go to the skate park.

I jump, flip, twist, everything.

When its wet and slippy I crash but all the bruises show I really make a day out of it.

The more tricks I do the better because I don't want to miss out on anything.


Even if its extremely hot or freezing cold,

I still love zooming around the track,

Chasing the kart in front of me.

Wheels spinning, eyes looking.




I love it even more when I get a placing.

By Pip Coakley