Wednesday, July 2, 2014



Zoos help to teach people about animals.

Zoos have saved lots of species of animals by finding them in the wild and bringing them to the zoo. At the zoo they can protect them from other animals and people. The zoo can give them first aid, fresh water
and food every day.

Zoos help endangered animals and prevent them from being extinct because they have breeding programs. Breeding programs will help endangered species to keep there kind. They help them breed more animals.

People would see the endangered animals before they get extinct and they would learn more about them and ways to help save them. People make charities to raise money for the animals. Most of the money goes to helping the animals.

Zoos have helped for many years to teach people about animals and how to protect them and save them in the wild.


Anonymous said...

wonderful article--very well written.

sarah said...

[hi Alana hi Paige
I thought that it was really good I also think you should make sound a little bit more simple because I found it a bit hard to understand and if a child younger then you tried to read it they would find it hard to read not would not understand it