Friday, July 4, 2014

Zoos Are Good For Animals

Zoos are good for animals

Zoos are good for learning and supporting education. they well help in the future when people don't have the knowledge about animals or there habitats.

 Zoos are good for sick and endangered species as well some zoos Have breeding programmes witch rules out the risk of extinction for that spices zoos help the injured animals and fix them up. 

Zoos are good for animals if well treated,looked after and feed yes some zoos are cruel to animals but it depends on the zoo and its staff the zoos should be shut down if animals are not treated appropriately. 

 Zoos are good for seeing animals that you would not see in the Wild and that are to dangers to see I have experience in zoos because I work at an animal farm and i know that some zoos and people treat animals terribly.

I think the purpose of zoos should be to help and care for animals and release them once they are good and healthy.

 so would you like to live in a world with out animals ?


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