Thursday, September 13, 2012

luke paint ball

Jed and I were running through the bush trying not to get spotted. A bullet whizzed
past my ear. We started firing we heard someone scream. chewy and I went to this screaming guys aid. When we found out he just wet himself we left. then the horn blew and we knew we had won our first game of paint ball.

paint balling

PAINT BALLING My nerves grow bigger as the hooter signals the first round has started. Our attackers sprint out into the Field. We listen to paint balls splatter against the immense barriers. We wait for our opponents to assault us. We fire rapidley. as they shoot back at us. we attempt to protect our base and the flag. We take them all down but only just. our attackers stroll back covered in paint then we swap over,it's our turn...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Challenge Yourself To Blog

Challenge Yourself to Blog is an international initiative to remind us that there is a world-wide audience at our fingertips. The challenge is a 10 week event with different ideas available online each week. Participants are encouraged to connect with other students and classes around the world, leaving quality comments on their blogs. Click here to see Challenge #1, and give it a go.

Read It, Loved It

Sometimes it's hard to know what book to choose next. 'Read It, Loved It' is a website chock-full of tried and true books for 10year olds and over. I encourage you to check it out. I'm sure you'll find some ideas for new authors and books as well as  some of your favourites. You could also write a review on 'Our Book Reviews' page to encourage others in their quest for choice books to have a crack at. Bottom line...enjoy reading!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

A visit to the marae

First it rained and then it cleared up. After the powhiri, Whaea Sue walked us into the wharenui. She told us about all the time, effort and history put into the wharenui. I think that it is quite amazing how they built the marae out of an old hospital in Nelson. That was transported in the early hours of the morning. They also designed the wharenui to look like a great ancestor of the Maori. After we had the little tour of the wharenui we had tea, games, then bed. In the night I was awaken by a loud noise. While I was half asleep I thought it was a truck on the road beside us. But then I realised that it was Mr Neal's snoring. How I knew this partly because my dad had experienced this with Mr Neal on the camp in Wellington and also because half the people in the room were awaken by his snoring. But apart from the snoring that kept me awake half the night, I enjoyed my stay at the marae.

Tea at the Marae

We make our way to the wharenui for tea. A wave of children rushing to get some kai. We seat our selves on two long tables put together using smaller tables. We say our karakia. The the older kids line up at the table with the food on it. They grab plates and pile food onto them until they have got all they want and go sit on the seats spread along the tables. We place our plates on the table then they continue going down until they get to the junior room. Then everybody tucks into their food. When they have finished it's time to go up for more. I don't think we ate everything but I am sure we were full.

marae vist

On Tuesday the 4th of September our whole school got an amazing opportunity to stay the night at Te Awhina Marae. When we first arrived it was raining so we did the powhiri inside. After the powhiri we all had something to eat, then we set up for night time. After that we got to play some board games then we had dinner. After that it was time for pudding (yummy yummy). Once our bellies were full, we went to bed. Well some of us did, the rest of us were awake from Mr Neal's snoring. After that night we were all tired, so we set off to the beach and that was were our journey ended. By Eylish

Te Awhina Marae

Yesterday the whole school stayed the night at Te Awhina marae. When we got there we walked out to the front gate and the powhiri started. Once we go inside there were lots of wonderful carvings.  Everyone at the marae stayed awake all night because Mr Neal snored all night. In the morning everyone was stumbling around because they were so tired. Breakfast was really nice and there was hot milo and some of us put some coffee in our milo to wake us up. Next we went to Kaiteriteri and had a BBQ on the beach and played Ki-o-Rahi on the grass which was lots of fun. Then we went back to school and slept all the rest of the day. 

marae food

Yum pies, little red sausages , bread. I could go on forever but instead I am going to get to the point or I will never stop. One by one we pile into the dinner room on the marae. As I looked around there where tables like hogworts from harry potter. There was some long tables all set up with food in every space. when I had finished the last piece of bacon and egg pie I got really full that I could not eat any more. When I heard that we where going to have dessert my tummy growled at me. When I saw what was on the table my tummy made some room before we where told to go up. Yum dessert was yummy I could nearly go for 4ths but instead I didint. after that we went back to the room we slept in and got to get ready for bed we got our pj's and our tooth brush also hear brush so behave when you next go to a marae
by Tiarne

Marae visit

On Tuesday the school went on a trip to Te Awhina  Marae. We stayed the night at the marae, I had the worst spot because people kept on stepping on my head. It was interesting to learn about how they made the carvings and how a church got burnt down by a candle. The church is about 100 years old. We had a massive dinner, it was basically a feast, it was great. Then we went to the the beach and went home then fell asleep.
It was awesome, really fun, and sort of scary staying over night but over all it was great.

Food at the Marae

Food at the Marae
Mmmmmmmmmmm Pizza, Sausage rolls, Salad, Rice, Bacon and Egg pies 
Sorry, I could go on forever. Anyway back to the point now I am here to tell you all about the food at the Marae in Motueka. Here goes. We all piled into the dinner place for dinner there were two long tables with chairs all down the sides the teachers thought It looked like Hogwarts of Harry Potter
 and on another table was all the food.We grabbed a plate and tucked In.

As I munched into the last bite of my pizza I swear I couldn't eat another bite.

Again we rushed into the eating place for breakfast. There were Milos, Weet-Bix, Peaches,Fruit and much more. My breakfast was Weet-Bix ,Peaches, a Milo and Toast with Jam YUM.
That's my food report from the Motueka Marae.

By Meila

Mr Neal snoring at the marae

Today the purpose of my writing is to embarrass Mr Neal.
Mr Neal snores loud as a train and anyone who stayed at the marae will agree with me.
I had just gotten to sleep when I got woken up to the sound of a train, thunder and a stomping herd of cattle all rolled into one.
the sound was startling.
When the snoring quieted down I compered Mr Neal to my Mum. But my Mum would have sounded like a purring kitten next to Mr Neal.
Next I compered Mr Neal to my sleep yelling sister who has told me and one of my brothers of in her sleep.Next to Mr Neal her voice would be a sigh in the wind;
After compering Mr Neal to my Mum and sister that only leaves one more loud sleeper in my family. My brother.
I always thought no one could out snore my brother.
But sorry Mr Neal you out snored him to.
So that leaves Mr Neal the only person I know who has out snored my whole family.

By Sapphira Harrington   


On the fourth of September we left the Marae and headed off to the beach. Everyone was exhausted from the night before, but people were still looking forward to stepping on the sand. I for one couldn't wait. When we arrived the playground was filled with kids from Mahana aged from five to thirteen. The notice said that only children aged under twelve years were allowed, but I ignored that rule and went on anyway. The kids were hogging the playground while the adults cooked lunch.
After most of us were sick of the playground we moved on to a game of ki-o-Rahi on the field. We ran around for about 25 minutes. After  that we just wanted to fall down and stay there until we had to go home, but then they called us over for lunch and that made us move. Once we had eaten some of us went on the flying fox. After a few turns we had to head on down to the beach. Once everyone had been amused on the beach it was time to get back to school. On the way home some of the young kids fell asleep in the cars. When we got back we packed up and left to go to home and sleep. Over all everyone enjoyed their time away from work.

By Lilly-Mae.