Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zoos Are Bad!

The Zoos are not helping the animals learn, why do we have them?

The magic of zoos is dying, and people are forgetting the animals are the most important things there. strongly suggest that the zoos are harmful to the animals. I would truly introduce the idea to abolish them.

The cages are horrible, would you like to be kept in your back yard with little shelter but a shed and maybe a tree? We may as well go to Africa to see the animals happy, it would cost the same amount. 

Never the less, the animals are in agony. The humans feed them and even if they were put back in the wild, they would still rely someone to bring them food. It would also disqualify the instinct to fight off predators and to attack prey.
Next time you go to a zoo, ask your self, are the animals happy? How would you feel to be taken         away from your family?                                                                                                                           

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Mahana Kotuku said...

Hi Meg. You have made some interesting points. Please proofread this again. Ensure all sentences make sense. Check your spelling. Also check to see if the word 'provoke' is the word you are actually after.

Whaea Jane