Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Founders World war 1

On Friday 11 of April 2014
kereru and kotuku of Mahana school (room 2 -3) Went to Founders
park to have a world war 1 experience.
 Ready and left right left right left right leefff.
The captain was marching us towards the trenches.
He opens a door and we walk in...
"This is obviously a old castle been taken over by Germans.  
I look around the sound was deafening bombs landing  planes crashing Gas hissing.
Kyla shivers as we walk into the German HQ.
It was lit by just one cracked light.
A German flag hung up behind a desk with an attack plan on it.
The desk was old and about to break, a soldier  stood over it scanning the plan.
"OUT WE GO" called the captain 
we walk down a hall and stop the captain was going to say something
   then whissssssss GAS GAAASS. Red gas spilled out from a wall we duck down that's no good 
then we stand up and the gas sinks to the floor.

time to go to the Anzac trenches we pass through a tunnel and into the Anzac trenches
immediately we see a ANZAC by a table thingy with a bottle on it.
G'day  soldiers welcome to the ANZAC HQ here we take care for the plans
Attack plans defense plans Strategy plans lots of plans.

Then a man walked in and gave another man battle and a cookie 
 he brung the bottle to his lips and then looked into it "where's the water "
"sorry sir I just got message were out " "darn"
well you better get moving we walk out.

A German tank crashes through the wall AHHHHHH!!! soldiers run.
We stampede towards the first aid  facilite a man was lying on a table shaking,blood spilling 
out of his arm.The doctor grabbed some tweezers and pulled  out a bullet I covered my eyes
Yuk!!!! Doc opens the door and we gladly walk out sun shine!!!!

A Nurse comes and collects us and takes us to a small building 
here we will talk about the plan and how much it failed we talked for a while and then left 
to have lunch.
I love our trip to founders it was the best

founders park-world war 1.

On the 11/04/14 Kereru and Kotuku went on a trip to founders park.first Kotuku went on a walk to the center of New Zealand  while Kereru got split into 2 groups ,one group went into the trenches and one group went with a lady and learnt more about world war 1.then we swapped.I went to the trenches first.when i entered it was pitch black,and I'm scared of the dark so i was freaked, out i was so scared I held my friends hand for the whole time!!!The the defining noise and the dark was horrible...But the rest was fantastic!!!!!.[I was relieved when we got to get out!!!!!]. After we went with the lady we went to ANZAC park!!!we all had fun but it was raining when we got there!!!.
My legs feel like nothingness
Bullets whistle past my ears
Bodies  drop like falling trees
But death is lurking round the corner waiting for her prey
 Now I start to tumble tumble to my doom tumble to a blackness

The turns a misty grey
so I pinch myself a million times just to turn my arm bright red
 I look around to find myself in a dark and doefull hole
I am not here I don't want to be but the pain is unbearable
 so I sit and stay awhile my leg looks like jelly meat though the booming and crying has started to crumble and the silence sounds like tinkling bells

 But the ever lasting question echoes deep inside:what was I thinking,what will I do,when will this finish, and who are you

The sadness of war

The bombs go boom
And that's the sound of my doom
My friends die
Now they limply lie
It is so bad
And so so sad
I can't hold on another bend
When will this adventure end?

Bombs try to kill, BOOM BOOM!
For my friends and I, that's the sound of doom
The sound ,akes them die
But there is no time to cry
There goes another friend
When will this adventure end?
By Pip

Song of War

The song echoes in my head:
'Stranger I've known you for so long.'
Who is this stranger that was once so foreign? Who is now a part of me.
'I found you lost with your compass in the fog.'
I am still lost, lost with no compass, no sense of what's right. My innocence evaporated when I met this  stranger with a gun. This fog brings no comfort, it brings no peace or quiet. This fog burns and brings the sound and stench of death.
'Stranger you know me too much.'
Even though I don't even know me any more.
'Illusionary self had not been touched.'
The lines that were once so clear, have blurred beyond recognition. Tell me what part of me has become an illusion.
'Until you'
This is me, broken and worn, war ridden and hopelessly lost. The old me is buried so deep, will he ever resurface ?

By Sapphira

This poem has the lines:
Stranger I've known you for so long
I found you lost with your compass in the fog
Stranger you know me to much
Illusionary self had not been touched
Until you
These lines are from the song stranger by Katie Collesto I recommend you Check out her song :D .


"Call out call loud "
"I'm down help me." I'm not going to die, not now, my days will not end here on this endless battle.Why does the pain kill my legs? I'm trapped  in endless pain,trapped alone.A cut forms on my face a cut from hell, will I succeed or will I go home to a grave like all the tens of thousands of men's bodies? Iwill fight to the grimmest day,the painful lest, the dead man day,
                                                                    WHY AM I HERE?

The Dread Of War

Every time I close my eyes I see them, my family, I have to make it. 
its all down to us solders. 'Time to get out on the field men,' we trudge warily through red stained mud, I spot my mate and shoot him a frustrated look we laugh. Gas? "gas quick men get your masks on," the dreaded masks are  stuffy and horrible. just over the hill are flocks. Oh how i desire to be back on the family farm with no worry about war. A built roars in my ear bringing me out out of my daze. The big question.

by Saskia

The Great War

The stench of decaying soilders lie before me in the grave of a hole. I see our trench it almost looks peaceful like I'm the only one in the world. An automatic killing machine breaks the horrible silence I duck as the bullets fly over my head. The killing machines plowing down the scared, panicking men left, right and center. My body clinches up I beg to myself not look up should I get court  or should I just run.  the mud seeps through my clothes as the sun falls from the sky as death catches up.  


Blue sky's - Black and smoggy
The smell of flowers - The smell of death
Children playing and laughing - corpses lying in the mud 
Green pastures and brightly colored buildings - Fire and destruction
        Birds flying trees swaying - Rats scuttling and destroying   
Warm and comfy beds - Cold wet and no sleep
Clean fresh air - Gas and choking


Anzac Writing Competition

The bullets gain speed as they shoot towards my chest. Dropping onto my knees, I whine and groan and fall into a small shell hole, I know the battle is still on so I stay still showing no sign of motion or noise but I can't help it, "I NEED HELP!" I shout but it is useless, I don't go, I stay, I look down at the blood oozing from my wounds.

If I go, I will get shot again. If I stay, I will suffer.
I imagine my friends, still out there, dropping like bowling pins, I still hear gun shots ringing in my ears, I gag smelling my blood mixing with the thick, brown mud underneath me. I feel as white as a ghost, I can't go on....

Will I die?

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Vince Ford

 The car gradually picked up momentum. It left the drive and rolled down the grassy slope, picking up speed as it headed for the river at the bottom. "Awwww no," I groaned, but I hadn't seen the incinerator.

2MUCH4U is a fun and quirky story about Davin who is a normal boy who made a couple of (very stupid) mistakes and is trying to make them right. This book includes wild dogs, frisky stallions and a WHOLE  load of trouble.

Vince Ford is a fantastic writer and he really understands kids literature, he is a kiwi writer and shows it in his writing. He has written other books such as Jonty and Choc, Tribal Ash and Dog on Trial.

We would recommend it to 10 year olds up (this book contains some naughty words.) We rated this  book 4 out of 5 stars.
Overall its a fabulous funny book.
By Lottie, Lucy, Sapphira

Collaborative Art

Last week Mrs Denley came in to Kotuku to do some collaborative art with us. We were divided into 3 groups. Then we were each given a long piece of cardboard and a thin strip of paper that had been cut from a beautiful local photograph. Our task was to resize our little piece of the artwork onto the card, which would then be combined with the 'strips' of other kids in our group. We were able to use any medium we liked. We had no clue what the finished product was meant to look like. Here are some photos of the work in progress.

Finished products will be coming soon. Watch this space...

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Lego Car.

Today for discovery I made a car with tones of gears. It's front 
wheels turn a gear on the axle that turns a tiny gear that turns 
another gear that turns another gear that turns another gear that turns the wheel on the axle. The two back wheels turn another gear that turns another gear then just stops (I added it in for fun with spare gears.). If you want to see a video of the car just copy 


 and paste it in the google bar. Hope you like my discovery!