Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sonya (my mum)

Her hair is long silky and red.She has a big freckly face and a cheesy smile.She likes to wear green,purple and blue.Her hobby is to dress nice when we go into town.She has dark brown, soft and  smooth skin.When she walks she has tall and slim legs.although she likes to wear blue, purples and green,sometimes she doesn't wear any at all.when she talks,she talks soft and calmly.She likes to help and fix people.(she works for st.johns and Heath care New Zealand.).


Sarah said...

Hi Alana
I really like how you listed what your mum likes

Mahana Kotuku said...

Thanks Sarah

Sarah said...

You have a way with words

Jonathan said...

well done Alana! It's good that you used at least 1 conjunction, at least 4 physical characteristics, 2 similes and no two sentences start the same.

well done!