Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ZOOS ARE CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!

Zoos are cruel.

Firstly, I think animals should be kept away from pointing fingers and prying eyes. Agitated and annoyed, those animals are helpless. They walk, up and down, up and down. Day after day, night after night, looking for what they crave for most, their food and family. And you, you just stare and point.

Secondly, animals need to be able to look after themselves, finding and killing their own food. Meanwhile animals are being fed meat on a plate and fruit in a bowl. Its awful and repulsive. How would you feel if you were fed the same food, each day?

Lastly, animals deserve to be free. Going where they want to go. Running across plains or climbing trees. Living a happy life. Staring into the sky, watching, listening, for the call of their herds, friends and mates. Why don’t we put you in a cage, never seeing your friends and family? You inconsiderate people never think about these poor animals.

This is why I think zoos a cruel and wrong.


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Mahana Kotuku said...

Maybe not the firstly and secondly : )