Thursday, July 3, 2014

Animals deserve to be free

Zoos are really more a people thing than an animal thing. People love going to zoos but do think animals like living there?

Animals should not be kept in cages!
They were born to be wild so why don't we let them. People have plucked them from their homes and their freedom to live in cages. How would you like it if you were locked in a cage being stared at pointed at and laughed at all day.

Animals should be able to express normal animal behavior. They should be able to choose their meals and their mates. We have made them tame so if we were to return them to the wild they wouldn't survive. Because they can't hunt and they don't know how behave in certain situations such as when they need to fight off a predator.

It cost's a lot to keep the animals happy, healthy and clean. If the animals were in the wild we wouldn't have to worry about that. We could use the money to build a safari park where animals can roam wild and free but people can still visit them and get close to them.

Animals deserve to stay wild and free so why don't we let them? 

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Mahana Kotuku said...

Hey Meila, some relevant points here. Read through it again with the eyes of a 'reader'. There are some words missing. Also, please get back to me about the two reasons that we use apostrophes. Have you used them correctly in this piece? Have you put in all the punctuation you need (like question marks at the end of rhetorical questions)?