Saturday, December 5, 2015

Genius Hour Wrap-up for 2015

Here is a list of the students' initial driving questions, though some of these have changed during the course of this project.

  • Can we educate people about horses so they can be safe around them?
  • Can we make a dress and use it to inspire others to do something other than throwing rubbish away?
  • Can we make our own original screen prints to sell and donate the money for charity?
  • To make a Powerpoint to educate people on taekwondo
  • Can we make a cardboard tent by recycling old boxes?
  • Can I make a sheath out of leather using leatherwork skills?
  • Can I make intricate christmas decorations using all different materials?
  • Can we make a good looking outfit using recycled materials?
  • Can we design and make a trolley for the trolley derby?
  • How can I beautify the school using recycled fabric and cardboard?
  • Can I inform people about Athletics?
We have just about wrapped up Genius Hour for this term and it has been a learning curve as well as a 'work in progress' for all of us. The kids have given feedback via a survey form with all of them giving GH a rating of 3 or more on a scale of 5 (5 = brilliant learning opportunity).

Together, we will come up with a plan to make improvements to Genius Hour in an effort to create a fruitful learning experience for all students. Watch this space!

Do take a moment to check out their mahi in this blog, and it would be great if you can also leave a comment.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Emily's project for Genius Hour

Recently I have created a printed card and framed picture using foam printing.

Lucy, Millie and Nigella's Genius Hour

Click here to view our slide.

Christopher's Genius Hour Project

Click here to go to the Google Slide.

Katie's Genius Hour

Katie and Alanas restyled clothes

Sarah Taekwon Do Power point

Taekwondo powerpoint

Genius Hour Project: Natalie, Meg and Eve

Look at our progress at this link


Ella's 2nd Genius Hour Progress

Ella's 2nd a Genius Hour
Click here to see it !!^^^^

Ella's Genius Hour Progress!!

Ella's Genius Hour Progress
Click here to see my slideshow!!^^

Hope you guys enjoy!!!😉😋

Friday, November 27, 2015

Meila, Tiarne and Pip's Video Progress

For Genius Hour we have been making a video about horses so we can educate people around them! Check it OUT!

 Our Progress Link

Our Video Link

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jody's Sheath and Pouch

 For my genius hour I made a sheath for my knife that I made at home.
Watch the slides to see how I made it.

click here to see jodys knife sheath

Friday, October 23, 2015

Genius Hour

Exciting news!!
Genius Hour is coming our way SOON.

We are in the planning stages right now.

Check out this link to find out more about it.

Genius Hour

Genius Hour has four 'rules'...
1. It must be framed as a driving question 
    (Am I able to....Can I?...)

2. There must be a research element.

3. The project needs to have an impact or a purpose 
    (Who will it effect in a positve way other than yourself?)

4. It needs to be shared.

Be inspired!

Small steps can lead to big things...

Then get some inspiration from the Kid President. What is he trying to tell yoooouuuu?

Watch this space to see 

what our class is getting up to in 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nepal Fundraising

We are making stuff to sell to raise money for Nepal:
  • grab bags
  • flax
  • paua art
  • paua necklaces
  • magazine art

Friday, March 13, 2015

Solving the chocolate challenge

This challenge is about chocolate. You have to imagine (if necessary!) that everyone involved in this challenge enjoys chocolate and wants to have as much as possible.

There are 3 tables.
Table 1 has one block of chocolate.
Table 2 has two blocks of chocolate.
Table 3 has three blocks of chocolate.
Now ... outside the room is a class of children. Thirty of them all lined up ready to go in and eat the chocolate. These children are allowed to come in one at a time and can enter when the person in front of them has sat down. When a child enters the room they ask themself this question:
"If the chocolate on the table I sit at is to be shared out equally when I sit down, which would be the best table to sit at?"

How much chocolate would each child get as they arrive at the tables?