Thursday, March 16, 2017


As part of the Student Blogging Challenge, I came across a neat wee video creation site when I found Anisha's blog. Here is a link to her video that inspired me to have a go at BITEABLE.
My video below took about five minutes to make, and I think it turned out well. It's easy and fun to use, and produces a good quality outcome. Maybe you can have a play with it too?

Presentation 1 on Biteable.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Student Blogging Challenge 2017

This week we are beginning the International Student Blogging Challenge. There are over 3000 students from around the world taking part, so we hope to make connections with bloggers from other countries. Here is a link to the homepage of the challenge so you can find out what your tasks are for this week. The first challenge was to create an avatar to use as our profile picture. Here is one of them.
We are looking forward to meeting up with other bloggers. Watch this space.

Greater Than and Less Than

I came across this explanation for remembering which symbol is greater than and which one is less than. The 'two dots' always faces the larger In the picture below: 18 is LESS THAN 27 and 27 is GREATER THAN 18
Also, notice how the arrows at the end of the numberline are in a similar direction to > greater than, and < less than.
Tyreece shared his new learning of this on his blog recently.