Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Haast's Eagle by Jack

This is Jack's outstanding speech on the Haast's Eagle. It is fascinating! Good on you Jack.

Stick it three

Mini market day was sweet.Kristal,Josie and Kate were in stick it three.We made norts and crosses boards.We made 560 dollars. WOW. The school had a competition who could make the most money. We came second and got 15 dollars in real money. So we got 5 dollars each. We had a awesome time.

mahana paper

Mahana paper was really fun to do because I found working on the blog lots of fun and I hope that I get to do something as good as the paper next time we do business at school agin.

the book worm hide out buissness

Luke.c and I (Hannah.t) did really well in our business we were selling book marks and we made $190 and in real money that would have been $60 that is pretty good and we had lots of people coming back for more at our stall and they were quite impressed with the quality of our stock though some of our most popular book marks sold out so i think that we needed to make maybe a couple more of some of them but Luke and i were really pleased because we had lots of good comments Luke thinks that other stalls were selling quite good stuff and i think that other people did really well too

Uzis & Daisys

Uzis and daisys is our CD the highlights for us were making the CD's and making lots of money. Improvements would be to keep track of our orders better and have product ready. Our business made 680 mahanas.