Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Star Horse Recipes

Hi, I have made a blog called Five Star Horse Recipes.
You can find it here.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Skiing in France

Breakfast was croissants. Not cheap, tasteless supermarket croissants. Rich, buttery, hot croissants. Homemade and fresh from the oven. Gee, those croissants were good. The taste stayed in my mouth for ages, even  after I had struggled with my huge ski boots and put my layers of clothes on, it was only when we walked to the bus stop the taste slowly left my mouth.

The bus ride takes you down a winding road and past trees, weighed down with snow. It looks like something out of a Christmas card. But my favourite part of the bust ride is when it passes a lake, but you have to look really hard to see the outline because its frozen over. There are little holes in the water and I can almost feel the freezing water lapping at my feet.

But before you know it I am lugging my heavy skis of the bus. The hardest bit is the steps. Before you board the gondola you need to heave your skis up the steps. It sounds really easy, but when you have ski boots that feel like they weigh a ton the last thing you want to do do is carry two heavy, unpredictable skis up twenty five steps (yes, I counted).

But the gondola ride is worth it, I step into the carriage and brace myself because it zooms out the docking station like an arrow. I press my nose to the window and let the frosty feeling seep into my face.

The gondola swings into the docking stations. We are at the top of the mountain. I lug my heavy skis to the top of the slope and strap them on. I push of and I fly down the mountain side. I brace, glide, plough, crouch, zigzag, everything and when I fall over I hold my cheek to the snow instead of getting up because I want to remember every single thing.

Playing hard. My first tournament

"Sijak (she-jack) begin!" The referee lifts his hand & backs out of the ring. The fight begins & I really go for it. I watch my opponent carefully, my eyes trained on her face as I slyly analyse the movements of her feet through the corner of my eye. Where she goes I go. I kick, block, lunge, step, counter, close her off, everything. I do every thing I can think of despite the pain. I stumble and miss but that only adds fuel to the fire, as anger drives me on. "Charyot ( char-ee-ot ) break!" And the fight  is over. As I leave the ring I feel proud because I didn't miss out on anything.

By Sapphira

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sprinting down the court eyes fixated on the ball.
I leap for the ball I run,sprint,leap,grab I do every thing I can  
because I don't want to miss out on a thing.
I love it.

i play hard

I really like rugby even if it's so hot but it's best when it's raining cos it keeps me nice and cold and you can slid on the mud.I can kick,run,pass and tackle I like rugby it's really grate.

The Dance Competition

I know my hair looks good because i can feel it being yanked out. I put on my costume and instantly the sequins start to itch. I go back stage and start to warm up, it's nerve-wracking. I hate the wait before going on stage, but I push my nerves aside and concentrate.

My name is called out and I move to the side of the stage. It's almost my go, I get ready to walk on. The person before me finishes, they looked great. The adjudicators bell ring and I confidently walk on. My music starts and I really go for it. I leap, gallop, pirouette, cart wheel, as I do my dance. The music stops and I do my finishing pose a stride off stage. I'm puffing and I feel GREAT!

playing hockey 2012

We drive to hockey on a Tuesday in the summer.I head onto the field and start the game.I run, hit, tackle, score, everything.I feel puffed but I still enjoy it,its great.It was a really crazy game,you should have seen it.

Then we play another game and it was a great game as well.Now it was all done,so me and my team mates went off the field and got a drink of water.Then we drive home all hot and sweaty.But I love it best when I get  player of the day in our team.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Playing Hard

Saturday morning. I jump out of the car my soccer boots click on the asphalt. I stand on the sideline with the team waiting for the game to start. WWWWOOOOOOO!! The hooter echos across the field, I jog into a good position the ball rolls faster and faster. I sprint, tackle, jump, shoot, everything. Soccer is great fun!

Try play hard

I want to get on the field I really do but it's not open yet,then I see it a person on the field I grab my helmet and ski boots and snatch my skis and make a run for it.

I slide,slosh,stop,turn and wave. Everything I know to perfect my performance . Our teacher catches up with us and we stop for a brake us girls for a brake at the cafe.

We zoom into the stop point and slosh the people sitting out side with snow.

Haha we laugh at the walking talking snowmen.
At the end of the day were always covered in snow from all the crashing sliding and playing .

The sweet taste of mince filled my mouth  the pastry head in in to explore a cave this is what a day of hard work gives me a delicious 
Treat yum!

Playing Hard

I pull my helmet on and push of down the hill.
Bump, bump, bump over the roots and up a hill, it feels like I'm going up a mountain, maybe that's
Were it got its name?? Curiosity floats and wafts through my mind as I try and concentrate on the track in front of me.
Suddenly a switchback appears in the on-coming track, I slowly put my breaks on as I turn the corner. I make sure I go as far out as I can so I don't fall off. 

More switchbacks appear, I ride all of them, it is great.

A big hill rises in front of my eyes, I lower my gear to 1, I stand up on my pedals, I push and I push, I really try hard and before I know it I'm at the top "Peice of cake!" I say.

Once I get back onto the flat I pull over and get my drink bottle out of its holder and I take a giant gulp.
I ride up the next hill and I push even harder than before. When I get to the end of the trail I ride the Pump track several times then I help load my bike onto the bike rack, I finish of the day with an ice cream and then I go home-IT WAS GREAT!

Biking To School.

Even when it's cold and foggy I love biking to school with my dad 
and sister. By the time I finish the first stretch I'm really puffing and 
I can tell my face is about the colour of the apples on the trees near by, but I keep on going. It's great. I can't wait till I reach the hill and  I get stuck into it. It's pretty big so I really tread hard. I go for it, I really go for it. The top is my reward when I go zooming down the other side. It's the type of hill you yell on and I usually do. Where ever the road goes, I go. I pedal, yell, brake, change gear, everything, because I don't want to miss out on anything. It's great!

playing hard

Even when its wet and soggy I still go to the skate park.

I jump, flip, twist, everything.

When its wet and slippy I crash but all the bruises show I really make a day out of it.

The more tricks I do the better because I don't want to miss out on anything.


Even if its extremely hot or freezing cold,

I still love zooming around the track,

Chasing the kart in front of me.

Wheels spinning, eyes looking.




I love it even more when I get a placing.

By Pip Coakley

Playing Hard ⚽️

Jumping out of bed I rush to my draws and shrug on my Rangers jersey and pull on my shorts. I grab my socks and walk to the kitchen. What do you think? Weet-Bix or cereal? I lunge for the Weet-Bix and munch it down.

After eating I pull on my boots and run to the car. Strapping myself in I sit back to enjoy the ride to Neil Park. It's frosty- cold at the fields so I jog round to get warmed up. Honestly, I don't think that milo warmed me up at all.

When all the team has got there, we start passing the ball to get fitter before the game. Then the opponents come over. 'Are you Rangers Leopards?' Is what they're gonna ask. Sure enough it is. Finally, it's time to get started. I slide, slip, tackle, dribble, jump, every thing. I really love it cos I get all muddy. It's great!

After the game we go home, but before we go it's time for the usual question: ' can Natalie come over to ours?' And the usual answer, ' not today' oh well, but man! Soccer is such fun!

Monday, March 10, 2014

creatures deep in rock

The ancient unknown travels thru history

remarkable creatures rise from the dead

walls cave in like a garbage truck

tribes trot thru time warps from the past

The Water stretches for the sandpaper rocks.
The rocks Deny the waters reach
The gorse takes over and murders the grass
The algae attacks the surface
The trout leap out of the water like wales                                                                                                                            
the sun shimmers over the river   
the rocks crumble over the hills
the rapids rush over the rocks like a ragging bull .                                      
The mud bubbles and froths.
Flys swarm in like water in rapids.
The smell kills small creatures.
The wind tumbles and falls.


The hills rise and fall like waves on the sea,

In the winter they're white as clouds,

In summer they're green as grass,

The rounded tops carve the sky like the blade on a bread knife,

Trees make the landscape wild.

By Jody

The Tree.

The Tree.

Dead twigs stab the sky lifelessly,
A woven layer of lichen smothers them,
Its little  tendrils licking hungrily for more sun bleached wood to bore its long roots into and claim for its own,
The leaves wander out onto the wind currents,
The dome shaped canopy swings and sways on its thin but strong holds.

The Wise Bench

The wooden base looms over the dented legs.
Nails clutch on wile rusting and lay telling there telling there wise story's.
The legs old and paint scraped stand there old and rugged.
The surface painted used for years finally resting with another till lunch.
by Shaydon

A Break From the Children

The soccer ball stands lonely in the goal,
The wind ripples the football net as the wind flows casually past,
Over grown grass gives way to a gigantic thistle,
Dandelions stand up proudly, their petals splayed beautifully.
By Meg 

School Trip

Rocks jag in and out sharp as sharks jaws.

Gorse spikes dangerously like swords.

The water sways softly.

The girl jumps of the rock her arms splayed out beside

 her like an aeroplane.

The Oak Tree

The oak stretches to the sky.

Branches curve like the side of an igloo.

Leaves coat the branches with a thick green blanket.

The bark is rough and bumpy like sand paper.

The River

The gorse carpets the rocks with a thick cover of prickly green.

Algae climbing ever so slowly up the rocks.

Water swishes past smooth as silk.

Kids stand by and anticipate a brilliant jump.

I jump of the prickly rock to finish my journey with a splash!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The class

The floor lies under my feet
The ceiling holds itself in place above my head
Walls stand in place like a tree in the dirt
Window squeak like a mouses
By Paige 

The Beach

 Wind dances on the sand 

Waves roll and tumble on the jagged rocks

Sun gleams brightly on the sea 

 Clouds float peacefully along the skyline

Ella's Poems

 Candyfloss spirals around the stick like cloud fluff.
The Ferris wheel rises up into the light blue sky.
Sun shines Down on me and burns my shoulders.
The Ice-block drips down my fingers as I cautiously lick the juice.

The Sea dances off the big, rugged rocks.
 Sun hides behind the clouds like they're playing "hide and seek"
Tide leaves shore-lines where it has been.
The Wind blows the sand up my legs.

The Tree stands in the dirt watching over the garden.
 Clouds sway and move in the bright, blue sky.
 Grass Waves at me as it shivers in the breeze.
The Tussocks dance as the wind whistles a tune.

The Oak

Leaves cling onto the fragile twigs 
Branches make a wobbly staircase up the trunk 
The topmost leaves scrape against the sky
Whilst the tree itself blocks my view of the sun
 By Christopher

The Cicadas

Their prickly legs are like blackberry.
Its back is like a striped shirt.
His croaking yell breaks the silence.
Their eyes roll like little ball bearings.

The Chair

The chair stands alone
No friend around for him,

Ruff surface  graces my bottom
Coursing pain and anger,

The lags lean and bow to each other
They all try to get to each other,

Backs arch like mouintans
Cascading up them falling down the other side,

The chair waits silently waiting for someone to sit down and work.

Jonathans Pool Poem.

The water magnifies its depth,

Cool liquid whispers invitingly into its confines,

Concrete walls hold the water in place,

The sun throws its rays on the impenetrable mirror. 

By Jonathan.

The World

The cut grass smothers the plants,
The trees prick the blue sky,
Childrens voices sing happily,
Sun ricochets down to the ground and brightens up our beautiful world.

Lake Taupo

The sun pounds down on the lake.
 water silently attacks the sand. 
The volcano sleeps in dormant stage.
 pumice plays in the waves.
The wind howls like a banshee. 

By Athena

The River

The stream cascades down the rocks
The sunlight plummets from the sky leaving a golden rash across the water
Rocks smeared in alge dance underneath your feet
The water shimmers, winking at you.

By Meila


Trees sway calmly in the slow breeze.

It draws a small shadow, in the brown paddock.

Years of service craves its shape

The tyre stands motionless, ready to move again.


Hiding its beauty in the long still grass.
The short daisy sways in the wind.
The sun shines hitting its each petal.
The steam slithers its way up to the refreshing leaves.

The Swimming Pool

The water jumps with alarm as you dive in. 
The sun points at the pool, intimidating the shade.
Dirt kills the pools clarity.
Water devours parched togs like a starving giant, eating kids whole.

By Lucy

My Rock

The side is smooth like orange skins.
Underneath is rough like sandpaper.
The edge is sharp and pointy like a toothpick.
The top is bumpy and cracked. 
 By Alana


Clouds layer the sky like a thick white blanket
Leaves sway on the branches that sway and creak
Bugs crawl over the compact ground
The sun stammers over the mountains reaching the other side

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The rock stairs mockingly at me as we walk past.
The mountain snow evaporates as we talk.
The wind wispers secrets to me.
The leaves rustle as they brush past each other.