Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fossil Hunters!

Here we are hunting out monotis richmondiana.
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Monday 28th July was no ordinary day at school, unless seeing things from millions of years ago is normal.
Yesterday Mahana School went to see real fossils and bones and amazing things from the Triassic and the Jurassic time. We were split into two groups. Group 1 went to the museum first while Group 2 went on a walk in the Richmond hills (In the Triassic time it was actually the sea bed and saw lots of Fossils. At lunch we went to a Park in stoke where we had a breath of fresh air before swapping our activities. At the museum we learnt about the size of dinosaurs and how one shark-like dinosaur was around 14 metres long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The day was like walking back in time, we had so much fun.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

These holidays, Me and my Family spent some quality time away at Paturau.
We stayed on a 2000 acre  farm owned by a guy called Harry, and we went for lots of walks to explore the place.
On one of the walks we went on, these are the things we found: A goat cave, a water fall amazing rock formations and a goats paradise.
Harry left us in charge of all his animals  including his friendly farm dogs.
They eat meat every morning. And they love it!
The best thing on this amazing holiday, was spending lots of time with my family that I usually don't get to have.
It sure was a holiday to remember.