Wednesday, April 16, 2014

founders park-world war 1.

On the 11/04/14 Kereru and Kotuku went on a trip to founders park.first Kotuku went on a walk to the center of New Zealand  while Kereru got split into 2 groups ,one group went into the trenches and one group went with a lady and learnt more about world war 1.then we swapped.I went to the trenches first.when i entered it was pitch black,and I'm scared of the dark so i was freaked, out i was so scared I held my friends hand for the whole time!!!The the defining noise and the dark was horrible...But the rest was fantastic!!!!!.[I was relieved when we got to get out!!!!!]. After we went with the lady we went to ANZAC park!!!we all had fun but it was raining when we got there!!!.

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