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SHOOTING STARS - Brian Falkner - Trailer made by Whaea Jane


The Fault in our stars- John Green- Reviewed by Lucy

Despite the tumor shrinking medicine Hazel-grace has been has been nothing but terminal. But one day at a cancer support group that her mum forces her to, she meets Augustus Waters...
I absolutely loved this book I would rate it 12 out of 10, I recommend this book to mainly girls that are more mature and 12+ years of age.


The world Tris Prior once lived in is now demolished, destroyed by violence, Betrayal and deaths. When Tris finally gets a opportunity to leave this shattered world, and start a new one does she take it?

But what Tris really doesn’t realise is that her new life is about to be even more dramatic then the one she once lived in.

Racing. Winning. That's all that matters in this exciting story about driving competitively.
Fifteen-year-old Archie Barrington is a top kart driver, aiming to win the Challenge series and its ultimate prize of racing in Europe. But he is not the only one. Craig, his main rival, and there's also Silver, who drives likes she's got a demon inside. Archie knows he'll need all his skill and focus to win. But sometimes just need plain old luck. Can Archie overcome the odds and win? 

This is a great book for girl or boys who like speed and the roar of the engine.  This book has a bit of romance and swearing so I rate it 10 and up. But you can decide.
I loved this book, it was probably the best I have ever read. 9/10

This is it

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkein - Reviewed by Theo

The hobbit is written by J.R.R Tolkin. 

A book about Bilbo Baggins a hobbit of the shire a village of peaceful, food loving, non adventures  folk. Bilbo loves nothing better than eating a scone and blowing smoke rings off his porch. but when Gandalf the grey the wizard of the west comes with a band of 13 dwarfs lead by Thorin oakinshield everything changes.

The Hobbit is one of my favourite books I recommend this book for good readers of any age manly for boys. I rate The Hobbit 10/10. 

If you like The Hobbit I advise The Lord of the Rings also written by J.R.R Tolkin.




The Hunting of the Last Dragon - Sherryl Jordan - Reviewed by Hannah

All of the villagers believed the very last dragon had been dead for years. But has it really been killed?

An ordinary boy called Jude lived an ordinary life with his family in the small village of Doran, until one day his village was destroyed by a fire breathing dragon. The fire left their village smoldering away with nothing anyone could do about it. The tragedy of the fire devastated Jude, so he set out on on a mission to kill the dragon and save the other villages.

I would rate this book 10/10.
I would recommend this book to anyone aged 9-13.
I loved the book because I never new what to expect next and the book really got me hooked even at the start.

 Mud, Sweat And Tears - By Bear Grylls - Reviewed by Hunter

This book is an autobiography by Bear Grylls.
It goes through his childhood and what it's like to fail in the SAS and how to be resilient and to keep going. Also about his family in the Isle of Wight and growing up abseiling and hiking. 

It a great book for people who like to watch Bear Grylls and want to learn more about his life. 

I would recommend it for children aged 9 to 14, and I rate it a 10 out of 10.

Alone on the Wide Wide Sea - Michael Morpurgo - Reviewed by Lottie

Part One

Alone on the Wide, Wide Sea is set in the 1940s, a book about Arthur Hobhouse, who is sailing on a ship to Australia as to escape the bombing of London. With him he carry's no memory's of his past except for the key his sister gave him. On the ship he befriends Marty who is four years older than him. When they get to Australia all there hopes are shattered. Forced to work for the violent and cruel Mr Bacon Arthur develops some fierce friendships. Hope seems small in there back breaking labour but Marty has a plan. And the day Marty and Arthur escape, their lives change for ever.....

Part two

Years later Arthur's love for boat building and sailing are inherited by his daughter Allie .Arthur and Allie plan an exciting journey to sail to England in search for Arthur's long lost sister Kitty who gave him his lucky key. When Arthur dies Allie sails solo all the way to England from Australia to find Kitty

Alone on the wide wide sea is an amazing and beautifully well written book and I highly recommend it with 10/10.

The Peco Incident - Des Hunt - Reviewed by Leela

The Peco Incident is about two boys, Nick and Danny, who find lots of dead sparrows around town and investigate why they are dying. Soon, birds other than sparrows get ill and it becomes a big issue - there is a huge outbreak of bird flu in the town and they have no cure for it. Nick breaks into a chicken farm, Peco, and discovers a lot of ill-treated and dying chickens...but is the farm to blame for the disease, or are the exotic "chicken" eggs the cause? And will Nick's photo of the disgusting chicken shed along with a clever talking parakeet cause even deeper trouble, save thousands of birds, or both?

This is a great book, full of suspense. It has a few sad bits but an equal number of happy bits and portrays how good intentions can go over the top and end up doing a lot more wrong than they do right. I recommend it to everyone from age 10 up, because of the sad bits and the unkind characters.

The Amulet of Samarkand-Jonathan Stroud-Reviewed by Jack

 This book is about a young trainee magician named Nathaniel who summons an ancient wisecracking djinni named Bartimaeus to help him get revenge on Simon Lovelace, a high-ranking government magician who humiliated him in front of his master. To do this he gets Bartimaeus to steal the Amulet of Samarkand, a powerful magic artefact that Lovelace wants for unknown reasons. But while Bartimaeus is stealing the artefact, he uncovers a plot of murder, mystery and intrigue far bigger than anyone suspected.

I enjoyed this book because it  has fast-paced action combined with humour. I would recommend this book to everyone 9+. 10 out of 10!

 Salamandastron-Brian Jacques-Reviewed by Jack

This book is about an evil warlord named Feragho, who along with his army, marches on Salamandastron, a mountain fortress ruled by badgers. Meanwhile at Redwall Abbey, a young squirrel called Samkim is accused of killing the abbey recorder after two stoats run off with the abbey's most precious possession: The sword of Martin the Warrior! Samkim and his friend Arula set off to reclaim the sword, while Ferahgo hatches a sinister plot to conquer Salamandastron.

I really loved this book because it has fast-paced action combined with suspense. I would reccomend this book to mainly boys 8+. 10 out of 10!

Outside In - Chrissie Keighery - Reviewed by Jane 

Have you ever thought that everyone else seems to have their lives sorted and your life is not quite how you'd like it to be? 'Outside In' gives an insight into the 'perfect' lives of others. The masks people wear to appear cheery and 'together' in public hide a multitude of issues and insecurities that are tucked away neatly out of the sight of others. This book tells the story from many different points of view and opened my eyes afresh to take the time to look below the surface of others. 

I enjoyed 'Outside In' because it made me stop and think about the fact that people are not always what / who they appear to be. A good book for students who want to be more aware of others around them. I would recommend this book mainly for girls aged 12 and over. My rating: 7/10

Journey to the River Sea- Eva Ibbotson

Maia an orphan after her parents died in a tragic train accident has finally found her relatives.
But there is a price to pay, Maia has to leave her friends and her school.
Maia doesn't care though, who would put a chance to go to the Amazon to waste?
But in the amazon paradise isn't as she imagined.
Follow Maia's journey through the Amazon in an exciting story of her travels.
Journey to the River Sea book coverI would rate this book 5/5 stars
I recommend this book to ages 8+
By Lucy


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