Monday, June 16, 2014


Although he was scared of everyone, Nugget was the friendliest character within the area. With eyes pure and green, and long, black, silk-like fur, he made the best pet. He was 12 which was remarkable for his type, he looked like a half-grown kitten. His comforting purr and loyal miaow of greeting is a soft sound that no-one would ever dream of hearing.

His tail was a long brushlike curl that never drooped. His whiskers made him look like a big friendly night creature. He had big gentle paws, with his silky black fur covering them like a velvet carpet. His claws were sharp hooks that dug into your skin, but he didn't use them much - not unless you annoyed him. His ears were pricked and pointy with silky patches of fur underneath them.But despite his friendliness if a stranger entered his territory he would slip away without a warning like a shadow in the dark.


Although you can usually find her reading a book, she enjoys walking and biking. Her pale blue eyes are covered with silver glasses. Soft grey hair sits on her head. She walks quickly with speed and pace. The smile on her face is always welcoming. Usually her top is red but sometimes it's blue. I love my Gran.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Master Chef Contestant Takes Movie 'Frozen' to a whole New Level

Master Chef Contestant Mo-Mo Stachio was crowned winner after two of the other contestants mysteriously disappeared.

Mo-Mo and his egg beater.
The search started at the hotel the finalists were staying at. But clues lead to the Master Chef kitchen and the bodies were later found in the freezer. Forensic scientists have found evidence leading to Mo-Mo Stachio's egg beater, which was found at the crime scene dripping with what was later confirmed as Indigo Angel's blood.

The bodies found in the freezer.
The two contestants Indigo Angel (17) and Lemur Shell (21) went missing at 3.27pm yesterday.
The bodies were found at 1.39pm today.

Mo-Mo Stachio is still in police custody and awaiting his trail in court. So we can safely say the only cooking Mo-Mo will be doing is in the prison kitchen.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Charater Description

Although her posture seemed like she didn't have a care in the world, she was fighting a battle. Her skin was slightly tanned and worn out, she had short brown hair that was bouncy. 

The clothes that she wore were almost always baggy jeans and t-shirts, it seemed like she couldn't  find any clothes that fit her properly.  
Her eyes seemed perfect for her, she never liked them at all and wished she could change their colour.

Although she is not with us any more, she was the best.

My Grandad

My grandad tries to cover up his bald patches by combing his hair over them. His shirts are checkered and old. Although he limps, his pace is slow and steady. He always helps around the farm by spraying the weeds,feeding the animals and mowing the lawns and paddocks. I love him!!


My Nana likes wearing pants up to her belly button and flowery tops with a black cardigan over top. Rock n roll dancing is what she loves to do. Although she is old and and some times cranky she still enjoys making her grand children happy.

By Tiarne

Sapphira's Blog

Hi guys,
I have made a blog, with posts of my writing. Could you please check it out and leave some feed back? :)Here the URL:
Sapphira :D


Her posture is straight but her eyes shine with kindness. She is tall with tan sun bet  skin. And although her scars have sunken and  smile line crease her skin, she still gives off a youthful beauty.
Just by looking at her hands you can tell she's a builder. They are strong with tough skin, and constantly covered in cuts and bruises. She smells of warm wood, and is often covered in wood shavings. The overalls she wears are stained and baggy, hiding her figure.
Even dressed up, she had a tomboy style. I don't know many who wear dresses with boot leg jeans.Hair stuffily clipped back in her Signature updo. Her eyes give of her true self, that's hiding within her.

She is beautiful.

By Sapphira

Jono's Grandfather.

Although he walks quite slowly he does it purposefully and proudly. His short, grey hair stands out as a main feature on his head. Most of the time he’s having fun but he can be deadly serious. With the way he talks and the way he acts, you know he loves being outside playing golf. Even when you go to sit with him he only talks about rugby or golf.

His skin is weather-beaten and wrinkly and looks like he had been in a car wash over-and-over again. The
green top he usually wears is old and rough, and is so worn, it looks and feels like old Velcro.

His eyes have a deep, intense stare, his pupil is dilated to the size of a drop of water and his irises are a deep dark blue.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great grandad jack

Although he is full of wisdom 
his mind works hard to think.
He is wearing a neat black suit 
though you can tell it's not his usual self.
His hair is combed back smoothly but the bald patches still show.
Although his eyes look a sun-bleached-blue
they still have that powerful gaze.
The wrinkles that cover his weather beaten face deepen when he laughs his gruff laugh. 
Though his hands are tough and leathery they have a soft and feathery feel.
His polished walking stick is always by him when ever we see him, supporting his weight where ever he goes.
His stories take you far away on adventures that are real.
I love my great grandad and I always will.

Sonya (my mum)

Her hair is long silky and red.She has a big freckly face and a cheesy smile.She likes to wear green,purple and blue.Her hobby is to dress nice when we go into town.She has dark brown, soft and  smooth skin.When she walks she has tall and slim legs.although she likes to wear blue, purples and green,sometimes she doesn't wear any at all.when she talks,she talks soft and calmly.She likes to help and fix people.(she works for st.johns and Heath care New Zealand.).

My Grandma

My Grandma
Although she looks old she had a young heart
Dark hair soft and nimble
You could see a story in her
You could see she had a good life 
Her body was old but soft 


Although she hobbles around she still walks along the beach in the sun.
Her skin is spotted from being out in the sun for ages with the horses and
on the orchard.
She has tired hands from when she picked apples, 10 or more hours a day.
Even though she is 81 she still has lots of life left in her and attends to her
garden every day.

By Lawson.

Orion's Grandma

She is like a volleyball. She's soft hearted and warm. Although she look's unable she's out and about all the time. Her face is like tidal waves falling to the floor. Her hair is like a silver fire. Her eyelashes are see through and her eyes are blue.
I love my grandma. 

By Orion

My Poppa

Although he is old, he carries a young heart.
His wrinkled feet slip into home made slippers
His hairless head shines like the honda he drives daily.
Although he old, he keeps an active life.

My Brother

Silky brown hair looms across his slick face. His glasses cover his eyes with shiny mirrors. The shirts that he wears are not old but vintage with black jeans and shoes. Although we don't see each other very much we still are great brothers. 
My brother is quite tall and not fat but not skinny. A smile burns happily from his face as if he's told someone a joke and they have liked it. I know he used to joke and make fun of me but he was and still is a great brother.

My Grandma

Although she walks slowly her steps are strong. She looks small and fragile but is like a leafcutter ant. Short whispy black and grey hairs sprout from her head. Creases and wrinkles cover her face like a piece of crumpled paper. She has a strong Chinese accent when she speaks. Her house is small and cosy, it smells like a musty Asian food store. Although she is strict she has a kind and loving heart.

By Lucy

My Gramp

Although his skin is old and weathered he still feeds the cows in the morning. 

His tanned bald head shines in the hot sun.

His ripped blue overalls cover his tall, fragile, body.

Even though his abnormally pointy toenail lurks under his boot he still goes on his morning walks. 


Her skin is tanned from a life outdoors and her green eyes are full of kindness. Blonde curly hair springs from her scalp like spaghetti. Ripped blue jeans cling to her legs like a monkey to a tree, although she is tall and skinny she is strong and powerful. Her feet are covered by muddy worn working boots, clearly loved. When she walks her arms swing by her sides and her steps are long and springy.

Meg's Nana

Although she is old, her grip is strong and protective. Her smile is cheery, not forced like Mum's. She wears a lot of gold jewellery: Earrings, bracelets, and watch. Nana is a very cheerful woman, and she is always talking. She likes to take walks, visit grand children and swimming. She lives in Australia.

By Meg 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Thursday 5th June
Writing about Marv

I always notice his big, gold belt buckle tightened around his jeans. He is very tall. he has brown, olive coloured skin. the top of his head is bald but he covers it with a cap. He takes his cap off when he is happy.

He cracks some funny 'Kiwi' jokes but we don't think they're funny, at least he tries!
Although his house is grand and big, his truck is old and dusty. He always keeps a loaded gun in his truck, "that's the way we do it around here!" he says.

Although he looks old, he is cheery and fun to be around, he makes me smile every time I see him.

To me, he is part of my family.
Some of you probably don't know who Marv is so I will tell you, He is my dad's boss in America and we are very close with him and his wife and his family and we love them very much even though we are not related to them.



Although he looks old and proper, he used to be a hippy,

With glasses that are clear, like pools of water,

His checkered shirt and blue jeans are usually a bit greasy, from a life spent fixing and building things.

Poppas hair is white and fluffy, like an albinos hedge-hogs tummy.

By Pip Coakley

My Cousin

Long brown hair flows down her back like waves to a beach.
Although she wears a blue dress her favourite colour is orange.
Alethea goes nowhere without her decorative black sandals.
Her cheesy smile blends well with her pale pink cheeks.
Creamy brown her eyes twinkle like stars in the sky.
She towers above me and has a elegant walk like a super model.
Although she looks weak she's as strong as any boy her age.

By Athena 



 although he is nearly 8000000 he still works on the farm.
his head is Nealy bald but his big beard makes up for it
The patchy Boots and the holey pants he wears show that he loves the outdoors

even though his skin is old and wrinkly and he is nearly
deaf he does not act old