Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sam the Koosh 2

Here is our long-awaited sequel to Sam the Koosh. This one stars Sam's clumsy nephew Francis. Enjoy!

This is my pet rock Stanley. He is a very rare Painted Green Bumblebee Rock (Verdantus Bumblus). His only defence mechanism is to flip upside down and expose his unpainted side, thus making him look like an ordinary rock. I have had him for as long as I can remember and he has been my loyal friend for a very long time. Rocks make good pets because they never need feeding, exercising, toilet training or baths. They aren't very cuddly though!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Last week the year seven eights, went with Whaea Jane and Emma to Kaiteriteri to do some mountain biking.
It was very fun. At first I didn't want to go because I don't like biking much and I'm not very good at it, but this was really good!
We did the 10m track three times then had a few rounds on the push corse( which is a small bmx corse with lots of bumps and corns where you can't pedal and you just have to shift your weight and push to move), and worked on some small balance games, we even played biking limbo ( I got in last round) It was really fun.
Emma was great as well really encouraging with everyone, and fun to be with.
After these things we went on the big corse, which varied from intermediate and beginners level of difficulty. At the top of the hill we could all of big kaiteriteri it was amazing ( but very very hot ) so when we got down the hill (super fun just so you know, I love down hill) we all went swimming in our cloths because none had brought togs! :)

I had soooo much fun because it was challenging as well!
I'm going there in the weekend with my family!
So i think even if your not into that sort of stuff give it a go anyway!!!!


(sorry I don't have any photos)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mahana Pet Day 2011

Some images from our Pet Day. Thanks to Immy and family for pony rides. Orion's pets were really quiet and well-behaved. Great training. We enjoyed a shared lunch, then in the afternoon, everyone got creative and made all sorts of fabulous vegetable novelties, flower arrangements, decorated footwear. Check out the rest of the photos coming soon...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last Wednesday Marty came to our school and he set up a mountain biking coarse for the school.There were some ramps and a seesaw. he brought some little abd BMX bikes for the people who didn't have any bikes. There were some skinny planks and a raised board walk.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

RockFest photos

If anyone else has some photos from this day, feel free to share them!! There are links to the video of the band playing on the 'Mahana School Facebook' page. Enjoy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fashion Island Project Funway!

In the fist week of the holiday I entered a competition for Fashion Island, called 'Fashion Island Project Fun-way' We ( the people who entered ) had two weeks to make and design a outfit/dress using only 1 white sheet, you could die it, cut it , sew it, but only use buttons and zips for fastenings!

I made a pale turquoise knee length dress with big petals for the skirt dipped with ocean blue on the edges.With a shoulder strap bodice with flowers (white,ocean blue,turquoise) coming down the strap.
It was hard sewing the bodice and skirt together so mum had to help me a bit because it was a lot of fabric and I had to hand sew it.
It was fun to make though.

But guess what i came second and i had to model it on the runway(yuck)
I won $250 for coming second so it was definitely worth it!
I can't wit till next year!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


In the second week of the last holidays ,
My family + Aunty, x3 cousins and I went to Greymouth for a holiday.
We stayed at the Greymouth top ten holiday park, for 4 days and 3 nights.
It was really fun!
One night we had hired the spa out an it started to rain so we after the spa we went an jumped in the rain on the "jumping pillow" which is like a giant bouncy castle floor with no walls, it was awesome.
We did lots of different things, like going to shantytown, where we all dressed up in olden day clothes an got some photos taken.On the way back from shantytown we stopped at a little jade factory, it was cool this man Garth Wilson carves all this amazing jewelry, an sculptures they were so beautiful!
We even went to Hokitika an had lunch on the "beach" ( I'd hardly call it a beach more like where the sea meets the land an thats it compared the beaches i know but it was still fun)

It was long journey home but we stopped to see the seal colony an saw the pancake rocks in Punakiaki.

There are lots of photos from different place of me and my cousins!
P.s the toilet one is my mum ( left ) an Aunty ( right )

All together it was a great trip , with loads of fun with the family!
( sorry a bit cheesy)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Stoke school Rockfest

On Tuesday the Mahana School band 'Wet Cement' entered the Stoke School Rockfest and performed about 150 people. We played New Divide, Rolling in the Deep and Bang, Bang, Bang.

We played 12th out of thirteen bands. We went alot better than we thought we would. There were a few out of time moments but it was really good.

When all of the bands finished, there was the prizegiving. Everyone was given a $50 voucher from Music Planet. After that there was a draw for an electric guitar. Each school had a number from 1 to 13. Pete Mitchener shook the box with the numbers and one of the numbers fluttered out. He picked it up and read "Number 12, Mahana!" It was awesome. I went up to claim the prize. At school, people were queuing up to have a go on it.

In the end, it was an awesome day and I hope we'll do it next year too.


Tuesday the 1st of November our class went to the Primary School Rock fest in Stoke. When we arrived there were 12 other schools waiting in the hall listening to the music. Most of the class were starting to get nervous, including me. We watched the first few bands, they were really good. But I thought we still had a really good chance.

After about 5 bands, it was lunchtime. We were getting closer and closer to our turn. After lunch we had one more band to go. Even though I wasn't in the band, I was still very worried. The time came finally and 13 kids slowly walked up to the stage and got ready. I stayed in the audience with our Mahana parents as we watched them play the three songs. By the end I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling. They did so well and Whaea Jane was so proud of the team.

Finally it was done we could relax now. All we had to do was watch and see who would win the black guitar. While the man was placing the numbered paper into the box, one piece blew out. The crowd went quiet and the man said, "Well, that must be it." He picked it up and said, "Mahana School". A huge cheer went up. It was so awesome. Tom went up to get the prize.

When we got back to school, we still couldn't believe it. Our first band from our school at the Stoke Rockfest and we had won this awesome guitar. AMAZING!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Kotuku class has been practicing for just over two weeks perfecting our music and performance. We practiced three awesome songs, New Divide, Rolling in the Deep and Bang Bang Bang. With the last song Bang Bang Bang, we only had about three days to learn it and get it right!

On Tuesday, the first of November, we had the chance to show off our talents to twelve other Schools around the Nelson area. Three was some amazing performances including 'The Peasants' from Garin College who are the best secondary school in New Zealand! We played second to last in the day, so we were able to see all the other Bands rock out! When it came to our turn to play on stage we were all nerves. We set up quickly and were ready to perform in no time, and we did sooooo well, it all went smoothly and the crowd cheered us on. It was an exciting experience and I'm sure everyone thought the same too. Each School got given a fifty dollar voucher to Music Planet in Richmond, which was a bonus to all the schools.

At the end of the day they did a draw for an electric guitar worth two hundred and sixty dollars! So everyone was quiet as he shuffled the numbers around the hat, but as he did that one number fell out so they just used that one instead, it was the number twelve. Mahana's number.
So now we have a fifty dollar voucher and an electric guitar. I would like to keep going with the band, ( and why not? ) So to cut it short, I had an exceptional day!

stoke rock fest

On the first of November at 9:30 am around about 100 kids from primary and intermediate schools came together at stoke school for the 2011 rock fest. There were some good bands but i think that we were pretty awesome.

The first time that we had practiced we did not know what songs we were doing, but after a couple of weeks practice we had two songs sorted but we wanted to do three. So we came up with a few ideas and tried them. By that time the rock fest was two weeks away.At around about that time taylor came up with a good song that sounded awesome. We practiced it over and over again until we had it sussed. So now we had our three songs "New divide", "Rolling in the deep" and "Bang, Bang,Bang" so we were ready for the rock feast.

The day came I was not nervous at first,but when they called our name butterflies grew in my stomach.As we got closer to the stage I sat down on my seat, and we started playing.It sounded commendable, my nerves were fading as we went through all the songs.We waited for the other bands to finish.Then it came, the prizes.Every school scored a fifty dollar vouchers.

Then there was the awesome guitar.There were thirteen schools we were all numbered from 1 to 13. As they were picking out the numbers number 12 fell out of the box, so they went with that one. They looked down the list for number 12.Mahana school we had one a electric guitar whahoo!

At the end of the day we all had fun learned heaps off other bands

Rock Fest

Yesterday Mahana school's senior class went to Stoke school for a rock fest. Everyone was feeling the nerves, well I know I was. But when we got there we found out we were second to last, I hated the wait but at least we got to see how good the other schools were.

One school to go then it was us. Everyone was ready to get on stage. I think I went to the bathroom like four times. Before we knew it we were on the stage performing our first song "New Divide". I thought we did really well. We then played "Rolling in the deep" and then "Bang bang bang". Our best song was probably "Bang bang bang".

Everyone had a really great day and guess "WHAT" we won an electric guitar "YAY"! Everyone did a really good job and it was worth the two weeks of practice.

Our Band Wet Cement

Yesterday at 9.30am on the first of November, Stoke School held a showcase for primary and intermediate bands called RockFest. Thirteen bands participated. In our band there was Hunter, Tom, Luke, Taylor, Lilly-Mae, Izzie, Harriet, Leah, Eylish, Safari, Sapphira, Josie and I. The three songs that we played were, "Rolling in the Deep by Adele", Bang, "Bang, Bang by Christina Perri" and "The New Divide by Linkin Park ".
Before we started I felt nervous and worried about making a mistake. When I got up there I felt a lot more relaxed and I could concentrate on my music. Once we started, we sounded great and we played together really well.
As part of the day, the top band in New Zealand The Peasents played for us in the 11am to 12am break. At the end of the day Music Planet donated thirteen fifty dollar Music Planet vouchers which each band received one of. Each of the bands were numbered from one to thirteen and went in the draw to win an electric guitar which was also donated by Music Planet. We were about to go home when they did the draw for the electric guitar and even better we won it.
So after a long day we all went home happy and proud.

Rock Fest

On the first of November Kotuku went to stoke school primary and intermediate school rock fest. There was a Kramer Pacer guitar to be won at the end of the day. There were 13 schools and the top college band the Peasants preformed for all the schools.

Our band Wet Cement played 3 songs "New Divide", "Rolling in the Deep" and "Bang, Bang, Bang". For all the three songs we all were marvellous and had lots of fun. I think we were the best band there apart from the Peasants and Waimea Intermediate.

At the end Pete (the principal of stoke school) drew a number out of the box. Number 12 fell out and was picked up; Mahana school had won an electric guitar! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XDZUq1yflDE/TBwgKZaj00I/AAAAAAAAAtA/hmK_Qrr_acU/s1600/kramer.kramerpacerft202s.kp20bmbh1-bm.jpg
We all had lots of fun that day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 Primary Schools RockFest

On Tuesday 1st November, Mahana school went to the 2011 Primary Schools RockFest at Stoke School, along with 12 other bands from schools all over Nelson. Organizer Pete Mitchener said "The RockFest has grown so much since it started. We have more bands every year. The quality has improved, too" The showcase featured an appearance by the Peasants, voted the best secondary school band in New Zealand.
The atmosphere in the hall was electric, with bands performing a wide range of songs. The support from the crowd was loud and powerful.
Each participating school took home a $50 Music Planet voucher and went into the draw to win a brand new electric guitar from Music Planet.


Yesterday on the 1/11/11 our class band "WET CEMENT" (Leah,Luke,Hannah,Safari,Josie,Lilly-Mae,Hunter,Tom,Izzie,Harriet,Sapphira,Eylish, and I)
Went to Stoke School for a showcase of primary and intermediate school bands called "ROCK-FEST"

It went from 9:30-2:30, so it was a long day but it was great getting to watch all the amazing talent.
Our band was second to last out of thirteen bands.Lots of schools performed and all did amazingly, there were kids from 7-13yrs so there was a big range in ages.
We performed three songs...
"New Divide" by Linkin Park sung by Tom + back up vocals.
"Rolling in the deep" by Adele sung by Lilly-Mae + back up vocals.
"Bang Bang Bang" by Christina Perri sung by me + back up vocals.

I think that we were all very nervous because we only had about 2 weeks to practice an we changed songs a lot , but in the end we all had heaps of fun even if we had the butterflies!

We even got to hear " The Peasants " ( NZ's best secondary school band" sing their new single "let go"+ at the end of the day they did a draw where every school had a number that was put into a hat an the man pulled one out an that person won a black electric guitar thanks to "MUSIC PLANET" an guess what we won!!!!!!!

So all together it was a great day!
Can't wait till next year!!!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Shootin' Hoops

Here is a video of William Davis shooting a hoop out of our Oak tree.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sewing, pjs 2

sorry its taken so long to blog about my pjs again but i just never got around to it.
I finished my pjs about 2months ago ( lol)
they are really comfy!! It didn't take long after my last post.
I just to sew it together and atache the ribbon.
Unfortunatly the pants shrunk in the wash but i'll just turn them into 3/4 s or shorts.
Here are the photos from both times.

Around the world day.

On Friday
we had an around the world day.
Were we had to dress up in a country of choice ( but from the world cup of course!!) and dress up in either their colours, costume, or both!
We had kids from all sorts of places but what the most popular place was??
I was Samoa an i wore a sarong with a flower necklace.
P.s i only found out about it the day before note the lame costumes!

It was really cool because we got into our buddies then joined with another pair then we had to make a wearable arts piece in 20Min's with anything we liked, but it had to represent a country ( from the world cup )
My group couldn't decide on the country in the end we did France.
In about the last 10 Min's our group made a beret type thing out of cardboard with an Eiffel tower on top tied around the chin with red fabric/ribbon stuff.
i know that sounds bad but it wasn't actually so bad if you looked at it from far away.

sorry i don't have any photos!

R.I.P Sherbet

On Wednesday
Unfortunately my rabbit Sherbet died.
He was really sick though so it was kind of best.
Sherbet had a massive lump on the side of his face were his teeth were growing inwards apparently this is prone to his type of breed ( cashmere mini-lop )
He wasn't eating because of it.
We could have had an operation( very expensive )
but there was little chance of survival anyway because of the anesthetic.
so we chose to leave it an give antibiotics instead, but the didn't work to well.

I miss him heaps i just wish we could have gave him a better life!
R.I.P Sherbet.

P.s the photo is of sleeping on our couch!

Spca cupcake day

In August Safari and I made cupcakes for the Spca cupcake day.
After school Safari came to my house and we made some chocolate cupcakes with caramallow in the middle. It took us all afternoon to make and ice 26 cupcakes.
We made a BIG BIG mess!!
Some of the cupcakes looked liked people or animals, they were really cool.
The next day we sold them at school for $2 each.
It was really good cause we sold them all which gave us a total of $52 fundrasied for the Spca.
If your thinking about doing this next year have a go its great fun do in a group, pair or by yourself.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Whenua iti

Last week we went to Whenua Iti in Lower Moutere. We did high ropes, trapeze and played some games. We had heaps of fun and it improved our confidence. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At maths today we made sculptures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. We found out the fractions of each colour we had.
Green: 3 Yellow:4 Pink: 12 White: 32. All together we had 50 marshmallows.
These are our fractions 3/50, 2/25, 6/25, 16/25.

The Falling Tower of Pisa

The Falling Tower of Pisa is 3/13 yellow, 5/13 pink, 3/13 green and 4/13 white.

The 2012 Big Ben

My Tower, The 2012 Big Ben is 5/13 white, 4/13 yellow and 4/13 pink.


Today for maths we had to create a subculture with marshmallows and tooth picks. We had to find out what fractions of a colour marshmallow we had. Taylor and I had 3/7 of pink and we had 35 all together.
This is ours.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Me, Hannah, Sapphira, and Leah went to the BP challenge. We had to make a catapult, a wind powered racer,and a marble run. We won two challenge's. The two that we won were, first in the marble run and third in the catapult.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making Pjs!

In the past few days I have been making some pajama pants!
Its really easy!
First I used my old pjs as a pattern to trace around the front and back on a piece of news paper, then cut them out!
The next steps got kinda tricky as I had to match up my fabric as it has different coloured lines of hearts on it so when sewed together it looked like the lines keep going.
Then i cut out the legs on the material using the news paper pattern as a template.
Next i sewed the crutch and inside legs of both legs together.
Now at this stage it didn't look like pants at all but it gets there.
Then i sewed up the sides, now thats more like it!
I haven't done anything else yet but I'm getting there!
I'll let you know when I'm finished them.

Monday, August 22, 2011

chant for your champions

About a week ago, my class and I came up with a rugby chant for a competition called:
Chant for you champions!
This competition was run by the heart foundation.
What you had to do was...
  • come up with a chant, song, rap, haka, anything. And it had to support you local rugby team and promote healthy breakfasts, so it had to include the line "breakfast eaters have more fuel for sport and school"
  • Next you had to video it and post it youtube
  • The school with the most creative, most viewed and best chant could win $1000 dollars for their school + a free breakfast and their chant showing on What Now!
Our chant was supporting our local club "Rangers"
Unfortunately we didn't win.
But it was lots of fun and i had a great time organizing it.
So well done to everyone who entered.
If you want to watch it,
go to youtube and its under mahana, or the Mahana face book has a link!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Parlez vous Francaise 3

Bonjour, with catchy music! Enjoy.
Bonjour, avec une musique entraînante! Enjoy.


Parlez vous Francaise 2

This time Tom and Luke see something unusual.
Cette fois Tom et Luc vois quelque chose d'inhabituel.

Parlez vous Francaise 1

Superb... Sapphira, Eylish et Leah. But what are they saying?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

African cats+ the suitor art gallery

On Friday my family and my friend went to see the movie African cats, and look around the suter art gallery!


African cats was amazing!
I loved it how it just focused on the two different cat families not a whole bunch.
The main characters were... ( the cheetah family) Sita and her cubs, ( the lions) A lioness from the river pride and her cub Mara, Fang ( the river prides leader, male ), Callie and his four sons ( the north prides leaders).

This is an amazing story, I think it is really great how they gave the animals names it made them more real and interesting.
Even though this is rated G I think that its probably not good for younger kids, me and my friend had our eyes covered a lot.
African cats, is very intense, but it makes you realize what they have to go through and how tough it must be!
I really in joyed this movie.

I really in courage you to go and see African Cats!


At the suter they had an amazing exhibition on, all about human hair through history, Featuring a lady called "Victoria Mclntosh" And how she expresses her feeling through art and hair!

Victoria was adopted.
She has always felt like she doesn't fit in with her family, because she has
auburn hair and her family doesn't.
Since Victoria doesn't know anything about her history what she does is finds things in op shops or vintage stores and she collects them things people no longer want, with a hidden history.
What she does with these is amazing she creates them into her own by threading or attaching her hair into them, and turning them into art.
This collection of art work she has called " My invented history"

One of the pieces was an old christening gown, victoria has made buttons out of her hair , and threaded her hair around the sleeves and neck line, it looks amazing yet so simple.

But its good to know that she still loves her family very much and is very happy with them!
I think she is amazing!

I also learned some other interesting facts!
Did you know?
.In the olden days they made cufflinks out of a loved ones hair!
.In the olden days they would use the hair from a girls first hair cut, for her first china doll!

If you don't know what to do, one weekend try looking around the suitor or going to african cats
trust me its well worth it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sherbets new hutch

Recently My Grandad, my mum, and I made my rabbit Sherbet a garden/hutch in our back yard!
It took us about three days or so to complete!
I am normally not a gardening type but this was actually really fun!

It is roughly six meters long and 2 meters wide, very big for one little rabbit!

First we chose the area and then marked out the size, next we cleared the space.
I was in charge of the rock garden in the center Miki my sister helped me move the rocks (they were very heavy) the agapanthus was already there so we just worked around it, My little sister Millie planted a small tree in there as well!
Then we spread the gravel around, Sherbet is very fluffy and he sometimes gets dags on his feet from the mud so the gravel will hopefully prevent his hutch from getting too wet!

Next we cemented the posts in and attached the chicken wire to the wooden frame.
For the roof we stretched grape netting over the top, we left a corner free so we can get in and out to give Sherbet his food.

This was a very cool project for the holidays and was great fun!
Sherbet loves his new home!

Taylor's skiing trip!

On Wednesday my family+my cousins,
went to Rainbow ski field for the day!
It was very fun.
It took about two and a half hours to get there but it was definitely worth it!
I have only been skiing twice before and once when I was very little, so I am a bit new to it!
We went on the beginners course.
Holding on to the tow rope that pulls you up hurts your hands and it cut through my gloves but it didn't matter!
After I had gotten used to skiing my mum and I went up the poma, though when I got to the top it was much stepper than it looked from the bottom!
At first I was nervous , mum helped me (she is really good at skiing) as soon as I had gone about one meter I fell and tumbled over and over for about two meters down the hill!, mum helped me get up and I just kept on going it was sooooooooooo FUN!
Once I had been down a couple of times mum taught me how to turn and controls the skis properly!
I spent the rest of the day going up and down the poma, its really fun getting pulled up!
Yes I fall over lots but it was mostly on the beginners when I was using the tow rope.
I got better and better as the day went on.

I love skiing and I had a great time, we all did!
the best part was having mum skiing too because she normally wouldn't have joined in , just helped millie and watched us, I know she had fun too!

Next time i want to try snow boarding!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Reaction

Joy, pure joy!

Congratulations Dicer Chicks

Mahana School Dicer Chicks are the South Island Regional Champions! Well done Josie, Izzie, Harriet, and Safari. We are all very proud of you. It was just brilliant to be there with everyone to celebrate your achievement. You are the Champions! You can re-live the moment by visiting http://tvnz.co.nz/the-erin-simpson-show/s2011-e80-video-4296519

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Snake's Adventure

This is our snake's adventure. It took us half a day to make it.

Sadie the sunflower

Today Josie, Kristal, Hannah and Molly have made this awesome movie about Sadie the sunflower and how she grew through the day.


This is our movie about a flower growing with a bright sun in the back ground. The flower in the back ground starts from nothing and grows into a nice land.
p.s Sapphira did the scream in the music.

Sam the Koosh

Today in the Kotuku room, we made animations with pieces of classroom equipment. This is our animation using a Koosh.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

West Coast Birthday Treat

I went on the glacier because it was my birthday present from my Mum. It was freezing and there was a mini blizzard with rain, not snow. We went in a tunnel that was large enough to fit a car inside it. About 400 years ago the glacier was 2kms longer than it is now. Walking on the glacier was exciting and fun!

We also did goldpanning and I found some gold at Shantytown. I made a knife at Barrytown which you can check out on my next blog post!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun in Christchurch!

On Thursday, Harriet, Safari, Izzie, and Josie traveled to Christchurch for the Maggi Kitchen Showdown semi-finals. We had a great time and did really well with our dish. We made a salmon and spinach roulade with roasted vege noodle baskets. The judges said that we should have boned the salmon before we seared it and the butter in the roulade was a bit burnt. They said the salad was a let down to our dish, as we didn't have any dressing. But the colourful, eatable flower petals that Tasman Bay Herbs gave us were delightful on our plate.
If we did well enough on Friday, we will go to Christchurch again to cook our meal and a dessert. But we get to fly down and get free accommodation, with all expenses paid for! We are looking forward to it and will find out if we are in on Friday 15th July on the Erin Simpson Show at 4:30pm. Please go to www.erinsimpson and vote for Mahana School. We'd really appreciate it.

Not only did we cook in Christchurch, but we did some amazing things as well.
We went shopping and had sooo much fun trying on cool clothes and buying great stuff! We each got given $10 to spend and we drove to Dressmart to shop. Whaea Jane, Karen and us kids had a mind-blowing time taking photos of us all dressed up!

We also went to Karen's relatives house and got DIVINE desserts! Debra is a chef for weddings and she kindly offered to host us at her house. She made incredible food that made our tongues tingle! We had Pear and Red Wine Sorbet, Fig Cake with Custard, Orange Meringue, Biscuit Cone with Chocolate Velvet Mousse. YUM!!!

On Saturday morning, we went to Adrenaline Forest and swung through the trees like monkeys! Literally! We were connected to wires by carabiners and had a pulley at our left side which we unclasped and used as a flying fox. We hooked it over the wire and zoomed from tree to tree. There were obstacles up sooo high that you clambered and crawled through. We had such a terrific time there!
After Adrenaline Forest, we jumped in the Hilux and headed back to Nelson. The time went by so fast, we didn't want to leave so soon!

Thank you to all the people who helped us fundraise for our trip and the people who were so supportive! We really appreciate it.