Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great grandad jack

Although he is full of wisdom 
his mind works hard to think.
He is wearing a neat black suit 
though you can tell it's not his usual self.
His hair is combed back smoothly but the bald patches still show.
Although his eyes look a sun-bleached-blue
they still have that powerful gaze.
The wrinkles that cover his weather beaten face deepen when he laughs his gruff laugh. 
Though his hands are tough and leathery they have a soft and feathery feel.
His polished walking stick is always by him when ever we see him, supporting his weight where ever he goes.
His stories take you far away on adventures that are real.
I love my great grandad and I always will.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Well done Kyla! It's good you used at least 1 conjunction, at least 4 physical characteristics, 2 similes and no two sentences start the same.