Monday, June 16, 2014


Although he was scared of everyone, Nugget was the friendliest character within the area. With eyes pure and green, and long, black, silk-like fur, he made the best pet. He was 12 which was remarkable for his type, he looked like a half-grown kitten. His comforting purr and loyal miaow of greeting is a soft sound that no-one would ever dream of hearing.

His tail was a long brushlike curl that never drooped. His whiskers made him look like a big friendly night creature. He had big gentle paws, with his silky black fur covering them like a velvet carpet. His claws were sharp hooks that dug into your skin, but he didn't use them much - not unless you annoyed him. His ears were pricked and pointy with silky patches of fur underneath them.But despite his friendliness if a stranger entered his territory he would slip away without a warning like a shadow in the dark.

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Mahana Kotuku said...

Wow Emily you r writing really drew me in. I wonder what's going to happen next.
From Wendy, kyla's mum