Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ZOOS should we have them? My opinion

Zoos exist to provide entertainment for people and to make money. The health and happiness of the animals always come second.
Why is this ,can't zoos be there for the animals to have a safe and happy environment.
Can't we put animals needs before ours and leave them or just take care 
Animals in zoos dream of home then wake up in a smelly zoo enclosure captive and missing.

Although zoos educate they don't help animals in more than one way.
keeping an injured animal in a enclosed space with humans is not good. Think about
this ,In the wild, tigers live 15 to 20 years In captivity, they live as long as 22years. Thats only a 2 year difference.  Baboons on the other hand live for 40 years captive 36 wild . That Enough time to grow up and find a mate to populate the next generation.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
 Sitting,laughing and pointing at helpless animals with only you for entertainment .
Walking back and forth is their life sentence not luxury and care.
Living in a harsh cold or to boiling hot climate completely different from their natural habitat how would you like it murky water out of date food? Think about the animals not the humans! 

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Very interesting i like it