Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Zoos only exist for the amusement of people. They are inhumane places that are not suitable for animals. How would you like it to be taken away from your family and locked away with only prying eyes company?

Its not fair to have zoos because we have already taken so much for them like habitats and food, but now we are taking away their family as well. Everybody knows about wars and how people were sold unwillingly and made live in terrible conditions? Well this is no different, cages are not a place for animals.

You hear of kidnapping and you feel for the victim and dislike the kidnapper. You wonder how they could do that, what were thinking? To take away a mother, child, someones sister or brother you feel sympathy for their family. This is no different we take defenceless animals away from their natural home it isn't fair.

People claim they are helping animals by taking them into zoos but most animals never get out the zoo again. If you want to help animals you should come to them instead of bringing them to us. Imagine calling 111 with a broken leg and being told you had to get yourself to the hospital. Its pathetic...

There is no benefit for animals in zoos so we should invest in sanctuaries and safaris instead. If your not a poo don't go to the zoo.

by Lottie and Saffy


alana and sarah said...

I like your funny title

Anonymous said...

Interesting Title girls!