Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zoo's are a good place

We should have zoo's because they are safe from danger, like being made into hats,gloves and rugs. They are also safe because they don't get eaten and they are also safe from the pet trade.

If animals were in zoo's they will get taken care of well,if an animal is sick, the zoo will take care of it,they also would get the right medical care that they need, and a lot of rest so that when they are better they can be put back into the wild to bread and be free again.

 Zoo's also let kids know about certain animals.This is good for rare animals because people can help them kids can also form groups to help give tremendous care of them to prevent animals from dieing .

People also need to know what animals can take care of you with some body parts, and to know what animals can kill you or badly hurt you.

people also take home info on animals that they do not know about.

please agree with me on this post


Mahana Kotuku said...

what? rember to save not publish

Jonathan said...
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Athena said...

Hey I noticed that it says god instead of good!!

Mahana Kotuku said...

Hi Sarah. Some good points here. You really need to proofread this. Lack of basic punctuation (capital letters and fullstops) and the abundance of spelling errors really detract from your message.