Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Try play hard

I want to get on the field I really do but it's not open yet,then I see it a person on the field I grab my helmet and ski boots and snatch my skis and make a run for it.

I slide,slosh,stop,turn and wave. Everything I know to perfect my performance . Our teacher catches up with us and we stop for a brake us girls for a brake at the cafe.

We zoom into the stop point and slosh the people sitting out side with snow.

Haha we laugh at the walking talking snowmen.
At the end of the day were always covered in snow from all the crashing sliding and playing .

The sweet taste of mince filled my mouth  the pastry head in in to explore a cave this is what a day of hard work gives me a delicious 
Treat yum!


Pip said...

Nice Athena! Remember to check your work before you publish!

Mahana Kotuku said...

Just saying I did opps