Friday, July 4, 2014

Zoos are they good?

 Should animals be kept in zoos
Animals should not be kept in zoos because...
If we let them back into the wiled they would not survive. The animals are to tame although it dosent look like it. They have feeding times, because of that it becomes a habit that they come to a door or gate, and don't know how to hunt any more. Some people think that it takes more then 30 times to change a habit. Think how meany times it would take to get rid of all there habits and teach them how to hunt again

Some animals like to chase there food not have there food given to them. In the wiled  the animals chase there Food or prey, it becomes part of there life and daly routine. If you feed them they may not like being feed. 

Would you like to be kept in a small area. Considering there natural habitat the enclosure is small but we don't always knowlage it. Have you seen the lion enclosure at Auckland zoo? It's a small island surrounded with water, because of the water the  enclosure seems big but lions dont swim, a few trees grass and three other lions are all they have for entertainment. So ether raze the money or down size the zoos. 

You know in cartoons animals are happy almost all the time. In reality even though we may not see it animals are board I once said to my sister if your life's a bore you haven't accomplished anything animals knee fun in there life same as we do, 

Although we learn about animals we don't learn much about how they get home,well some don't! How would you fell if your child,father,sister,brother or mother got taken away from you and you never saw them again. Here's a better idea why don't we take their hole family not just them.

So my point is have sanctuaries instead!!! 

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