Monday, February 28, 2011

Quinn - Earthquake Diary

We were at school. We went to lunch about 12.30pm and after I'd eaten, I just went in to the classroom to put my lunchbox away. Then I went outside, about a minute before the earthquake happened. I was on the court when it struck. It's really hard to explain what it was like. I was being pushed up into the air, my feet left the ground. I saw the court cracking some distance away from me.

When it stopped, I was dazed and confused and I don't know why but I smiled. I saw kids and teachers crying on the ground. I saw the wall of our classroom fall down and the ceiling fell down . Huge clouds of dust arose from the ground. I knew I had to get everybody to the field in case they got crushed by a second shake. No one got injured at our school except for a minor injury.

Eves Earthquake diary


Dear diary

As I walked to the field i saw the wall of my own class just collapse. I couldn't talk for a while. I sat down on the field, shocked. My dad came racing down to get me and my brother. When I saw him a little light came to my heart. I ran to him as fast as i could and leaned against him and he said is everything all right? Is anybody hurt? "No," I said. "Go to the car and I will go get your brother" but i turned looking at my friends who were still sitting on the field. Then I turned back and walked to the car while the ground was still shaking underneath me.

Because i was frightened my dad drove me and my brother home. I ran through the door and stopped, not moving a muscle. I was moving slowly, then dad said, "Be quick, there might be another earthquake. So I walked down the stairs. My house was trashed. All the photos have fallen down, all my mums life's work (folders) and books has fallen. I saw my nan and pop and ran to them. Nan started crying, and held me tight.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eve's Earthquake Diary

Dear diary,
My grandparents arrived a few days a go from Nelson. My parents kept it a secret from me. It was a big surprise when they came. But there were other surprises that were about to be revealed.
I was walking to school as usual and every thing felt the same. Swimming sports were happening. I came first in back stoke and the finals as well. I didn't realize this would be the last time in the pool. The bell rang and the teacher let us off for lunch. My friend and I finished eating and were enjoying swinging on the monkey bars. Suddenly there was a rumble beneath us and it was making me jump up and down on the monkey bars. I was screaming so hard it hurt. I looked to my left and saw the bolt loosening from the metal bar I was clinging to. All of a sudden the sense came to me and I knew that if I didn't let go now I would definitely fall with it. I finally let go and fell flat on my back with a thud. With my back in pain I stood up looking around me and seeing all the kids screaming with fear. All I could hear was crying. I was terrified. More than that it was like my greatest fears coming to life. I thought that earthquakes were all over. I was crying. I didn't known what to do. The teachers came out and they all said go to the field.

22.02.2011 Part-1

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bike riding with Constable Tonkin

At the start we watched some safety videos about keeping safe on the road. We checked our bikes to see if they were safe. On the next day we did a course on the tennis court. Cones and a roundabout and a FREEZE zone where you couldn't put your legs down. We did some fast racing. To finish off the bike wise sessions today we biked down Apple Valley Road. On the way down it was good and didn't take much effort. On the way back we used our legs until they turned into Granny's legs. PHEW!!

Thanks to Constable Tonkin for teaching us safety on our bikes.