Friday, August 22, 2014

Gardening Ideas

Hello, this is the plan that Jed, Lawson and Christopher have made for the garden outside Jenny's office please we would love to hear your thoughts about it we welcome your comments on this post.

Things you may need to know...

* There is a path which will be gravel from the concrete steps besides the kitchen that leads down to the bottom field steps and breaks
off to go the path besides Jenny's office beside the bank planting.

* We are putting in a outdoor working space beside the kitchen and boys toilet there will be three 1-3 metre high trees from some shade and it will be compacted gravel.

* We would like to take out the planter box and putting it with two others right up against Jenny's office, each class will take care of one planter box each.

* We are looking for places we can ask for grants and fundraising. If you have any  ideas please leave a comment or contact the school. 

* Help will be required on working bees. If you have any equipment or skill i.e digger or landscaping expertise that may help please contact school.   

Monday, August 11, 2014