Friday, June 13, 2014

Master Chef Contestant Takes Movie 'Frozen' to a whole New Level

Master Chef Contestant Mo-Mo Stachio was crowned winner after two of the other contestants mysteriously disappeared.

Mo-Mo and his egg beater.
The search started at the hotel the finalists were staying at. But clues lead to the Master Chef kitchen and the bodies were later found in the freezer. Forensic scientists have found evidence leading to Mo-Mo Stachio's egg beater, which was found at the crime scene dripping with what was later confirmed as Indigo Angel's blood.

The bodies found in the freezer.
The two contestants Indigo Angel (17) and Lemur Shell (21) went missing at 3.27pm yesterday.
The bodies were found at 1.39pm today.

Mo-Mo Stachio is still in police custody and awaiting his trail in court. So we can safely say the only cooking Mo-Mo will be doing is in the prison kitchen.

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