Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Song of War

The song echoes in my head:
'Stranger I've known you for so long.'
Who is this stranger that was once so foreign? Who is now a part of me.
'I found you lost with your compass in the fog.'
I am still lost, lost with no compass, no sense of what's right. My innocence evaporated when I met this  stranger with a gun. This fog brings no comfort, it brings no peace or quiet. This fog burns and brings the sound and stench of death.
'Stranger you know me too much.'
Even though I don't even know me any more.
'Illusionary self had not been touched.'
The lines that were once so clear, have blurred beyond recognition. Tell me what part of me has become an illusion.
'Until you'
This is me, broken and worn, war ridden and hopelessly lost. The old me is buried so deep, will he ever resurface ?

By Sapphira

This poem has the lines:
Stranger I've known you for so long
I found you lost with your compass in the fog
Stranger you know me to much
Illusionary self had not been touched
Until you
These lines are from the song stranger by Katie Collesto I recommend you Check out her song :D .

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