Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Playing Hard

I pull my helmet on and push of down the hill.
Bump, bump, bump over the roots and up a hill, it feels like I'm going up a mountain, maybe that's
Were it got its name?? Curiosity floats and wafts through my mind as I try and concentrate on the track in front of me.
Suddenly a switchback appears in the on-coming track, I slowly put my breaks on as I turn the corner. I make sure I go as far out as I can so I don't fall off. 

More switchbacks appear, I ride all of them, it is great.

A big hill rises in front of my eyes, I lower my gear to 1, I stand up on my pedals, I push and I push, I really try hard and before I know it I'm at the top "Peice of cake!" I say.

Once I get back onto the flat I pull over and get my drink bottle out of its holder and I take a giant gulp.
I ride up the next hill and I push even harder than before. When I get to the end of the trail I ride the Pump track several times then I help load my bike onto the bike rack, I finish of the day with an ice cream and then I go home-IT WAS GREAT!


paige said...

great you could win some thing

Jonathan said...

That's very descriptive Ella, but remember to add a listing sentence as well.

Meg said...

Edit: brakes and where
That's it! Nice poem Ella I really love it. I love the PEACE OF CAKE bit.

Athena said...

What's a switch back ?

Athena said...

We're we acutely supposed to add a listing sentence?
But most people did so remember that and it's great

Anonymous said...

Meg and Athena- I did add a listing sentence and if I didn't sorry about my mistake, I must have forgotten