Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Playing Hard ⚽️

Jumping out of bed I rush to my draws and shrug on my Rangers jersey and pull on my shorts. I grab my socks and walk to the kitchen. What do you think? Weet-Bix or cereal? I lunge for the Weet-Bix and munch it down.

After eating I pull on my boots and run to the car. Strapping myself in I sit back to enjoy the ride to Neil Park. It's frosty- cold at the fields so I jog round to get warmed up. Honestly, I don't think that milo warmed me up at all.

When all the team has got there, we start passing the ball to get fitter before the game. Then the opponents come over. 'Are you Rangers Leopards?' Is what they're gonna ask. Sure enough it is. Finally, it's time to get started. I slide, slip, tackle, dribble, jump, every thing. I really love it cos I get all muddy. It's great!

After the game we go home, but before we go it's time for the usual question: ' can Natalie come over to ours?' And the usual answer, ' not today' oh well, but man! Soccer is such fun!

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Pip said...

I love it meg-Pip