Monday, March 10, 2014

A Break From the Children

The soccer ball stands lonely in the goal,
The wind ripples the football net as the wind flows casually past,
Over grown grass gives way to a gigantic thistle,
Dandelions stand up proudly, their petals splayed beautifully.
By Meg 


Mahana Kotuku said...

Hi Meg.
Next time check out your spelling.

Athena said...

how big is the thistle?
Are you talking about the thistle outside?

Mahana Kotuku said...

GOOD JOB MEG-I love how it's about soccer, a unique self-theme!! 'Ella

Mahana Kotuku said...

It is about the one outside! Thanks Ella!

Mahana Kotuku said...

i like yours

Mahana Kotuku said...
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Mahana Kotuku said...

Love the soccer theme! From Natalie.

Anonymous said...

Great descriptive language Meg-maybe somebody should mow the lawn. Lisa