Saturday, December 5, 2015

Genius Hour Wrap-up for 2015

Here is a list of the students' initial driving questions, though some of these have changed during the course of this project.

  • Can we educate people about horses so they can be safe around them?
  • Can we make a dress and use it to inspire others to do something other than throwing rubbish away?
  • Can we make our own original screen prints to sell and donate the money for charity?
  • To make a Powerpoint to educate people on taekwondo
  • Can we make a cardboard tent by recycling old boxes?
  • Can I make a sheath out of leather using leatherwork skills?
  • Can I make intricate christmas decorations using all different materials?
  • Can we make a good looking outfit using recycled materials?
  • Can we design and make a trolley for the trolley derby?
  • How can I beautify the school using recycled fabric and cardboard?
  • Can I inform people about Athletics?
We have just about wrapped up Genius Hour for this term and it has been a learning curve as well as a 'work in progress' for all of us. The kids have given feedback via a survey form with all of them giving GH a rating of 3 or more on a scale of 5 (5 = brilliant learning opportunity).

Together, we will come up with a plan to make improvements to Genius Hour in an effort to create a fruitful learning experience for all students. Watch this space!

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