Friday, December 3, 2010

Kite making

On Wednsday and Thursday we had a task to make kites out of newspaper and bamboo. The first thing we did was watch a you tube clip on how to make the kites,then we cut the bamboo to make the body shape.After awhile we were on our way to succuss the next day we were putting the tails on our kites and did the last touch ups.Later that day they were flying high in the sky.The End


Anonymous said...

Great work girls.
I thought you all did a fantastic job making kites with limited time and everyday items to build from. I hope you keep building your own projects during the holidays. You Tube has many project guides you can research. Mr Searle

Whaea Jane said...

Yay. Its' great to know that kites CAN fly! A great skill to have for the future, and in the hols, you could have a go at some different designs. Ka pai!